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Furniture Transport UK, 14 Tips

Furniture Transport UK, 14 Tips

Furniture Transport UK, 14 Tips

Furniture Transport UK Tips, are you looking to move large furniture in your house? Or perhaps moving heavy furniture into a new house?  At Van-247delivery a courier for large items, we understand the complexities surrounding the safe moving of heavy furniture.  Whether you’re relocating or just rearranging, moving heavy furniture is a big job. Maybe you’ve just purchased a new wardrobe for your bedroom. It looks nice online, but it might be down to you to actually move it into place. Whatever the reason, you will more than likely have to move a sizeable piece of furniture from one place to another at some point in your life if you haven’t already.

This is where things can get quite awkward. Obviously, depending on size and weight, furniture can often be difficult and stressful to maneuver around spaces. This becomes especially true if you don’t have a simple 4×4 plan. There are so many risks involved that don’t immediately jump to mind.  Things such as the surface texture you’re on, being unable to see where you’re going, or simply not knowing how to correctly lift a heavy object. This might seem a bit like a health-and-safety compulsory course, but one small move and you can seriously do damage to your back. Remember that, that isn’t fun for anyone.

Tips and techniques used by furniture pick up services

Use these simple tips and techniques to move heavy, awkward items without wrecking your back, your house, or the furniture. How to move heavy furniture either by yourself or with the help of a large item courier? Use your head, not your back.

1 / 14  Carry Tall Items High and Low

A tall dresser, filing cabinet, or shelving unit is awkward to handle. Make it a two-person job. Tip the item backward at an angle and have one person carry the top while the other carries the bottom. This centers the weight and keeps the item from swinging out of control. Transporting the item up or down stairs is easier too since the carrying angle will roughly match the slope of the stairs. With Van-247delivery furniture collection and delivery, you decide on the manpower you will need. We will send you enough men to get your job done.

2 / 14  ‘Hook’ Chairs Around Corners

A large easy chair can be the opposite of easy to move. Follow the example of pro movers and “hook” large chairs around corners. Turn the chair on its side so it looks like an “L” and move it back-first through the doorway. Then curl it (hook it) around the door frame and slip it through.

4 / 14  Furniture Carrying Straps: Shoulder Dolly

Moving and lifting straps (Shoulder Dolly, is one type) take the weight off your back by relying on leverage and large muscle groups. They also leave your hands free to maneuver awkward items. However, they can be tricky to use on stairs because the weight shifts completely to the downhill mover. Van-247delivery Furniture Transport UK has all the equipment ready for your move.

5 / 14  Furniture Carrying Straps

Look for lifting straps that can be adjusted for different-length objects as well as for different-size courier furniture movers. The Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps shown here are great for moving on flat surfaces.

7 / 14  Protect Furniture With Blankets and Plastic

Moving blankets are invaluable for protecting the items you’re moving as well as your house. Sure, renting them is cheap, but you can buy several for just a few dollars more at home centres and always have them on hand. (You’ll use them for all kinds of other things too.) To prevent damaging the finish and fragile edges of dressers, tables, and other furniture, wrap the items completely with moving blankets and secure the blanket with stretch film. A 20-in. x 1,500-ft. roll of stretch film costs about $20 at home centers and moving outfitters.

8 / 14  Make a Mattress Sling

Trying to wrestle a heavy, floppy mattress anywhere is tough. Many mattresses have handles, but they’re not intended for carrying. They’re actually made to help you position the mattress, so they’re not very strong. Here’s an easier way to carry a mattress: Make a simple rope sling that will give you and your helper a lot more control. Thread the rope through the mattress handles. Slip a 5-in. piece of 1-in. PVC pipe over the rope ends and then loop and tie each end to create a comfortable sling grip. Flip the mattress over so the sling is on the bottom and you’re on your way. Another courier large items tip!
Is your box spring too big to fit in your stairway or around a tight corner? You could buy a “split” box spring designed specifically for this (and pay several hundred bucks) or cut your existing box spring and fold it so it fits. There’s actually a simple, ingenious way to cut and fold your box spring without wrecking it. Remove the fabric covering (the most tedious part of this whole process is removing the staples) and place the box spring face down. Pull back the mattress cover along each side and cut through the frame just to the left or right of the middle crosspiece (don’t cut through the crosspiece itself). Do this on both sides and in the centre. You can now fold the box spring like a book and move it. Secure it with a strap to prevent it from springing open. To put it back together, screw a 1×2 along the centre crosspiece cuts and against the inside of the outer frame to reinforce them. Then staple the fabric covering back in place.
Courier sofa
Cut and Fold a Box Spring

10 / 14  Plan Where It Lands

If you’re moving to a new house, decide beforehand which furniture will go where. Before you move, sketch a floor plan with the correct measurements of each room, measure your furniture, and create your layout. Then, as you move things in, you (or your helpers, if you’re not there) can place your furniture in the correct spot and not have to touch it again. To make it easy on the couriers furniture movers, tape a copy of the plan to the wall of each room so people can tell at a glance where things go.

11 / 14  Take the Back Off a Recliner

Find the back brackets on the outside or inside of the back frame. Lift the locking levers on both sides (you may need to use long-nose pliers) and slide the back straight up to remove it from the recliner. Always lift a recliner from the sides, not by the back or footrest. Tie the footrest in place so it doesn’t spring open.

When you’re lugging a sofa through a doorway, remember: You can always make it a few inches smaller by removing the feet. The same principle applies to any piece of furniture you need to make sleeker or lighter: Take off any and all knobs, drawers, shelves, racks, and legs. Van-247delivery furniture delivery service provides various packages where you can have our friendly team disassemble and assemble your furniture for you.

13 / 14  Remove Your Doorstop Molding

Sometimes, an extra 1/2 in. is all it takes to get through a doorway. If removing the door doesn’t open up enough space, pry off the doorstop molding. That will give you another 3/4 in.

14 / 14  Ramp It Up (and Down)

Use lumber, scaffold planks, and blocks to create ramps to maneuver items.

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