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Large furniture courier, become a flat pack delivery pro

Large furniture courier, become a flat pack delivery pro

Large Furniture Courier, become a flat pack delivery pro

Large furniture courier, handle your flat pack delivery like a pro. A large flatpack delivery can be a hectic affair and even more so if you’re not prepared. Getting it wrong can create more problems and even add to your costs. Want to be a pro? Check out our tips on how to get it right the first time.

A trouble-free flatpack assembly often depends on a well-organized large furniture courier. You’ll need to consider where (and how) boxes will be stored, and how much space you’ll need. Unlike weddings, you don’t get to rehearse. So here are Van-247’s suggestions to help you prepare for and manage your next flatpack delivery like a pro!

Large Furniture Courier, Ask the right questions

It may be prudent to check exactly what the retailer’s large furniture courier service entails. Services can vary widely, so don’t assume that they’ll be like your last delivery. Let’s imagine you’ve ordered wardrobes for two bedrooms upstairs and several items for the living room downstairs. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Will all furniture and large items be delivered together?
  • Will items be delivered to the rooms where they’ll be assembled?
  • If items can only be delivered to one room (e.g., the living room), will items for each room be stacked together?
  • Will fragile items be separated during the delivery?
  • How will you move tall and heavy boxes upstairs afterward?

These questions aren’t meant to stress you out. Rather, they allow you to have a clear picture of what to expect on delivery day, so you’ll be better prepared,

Little tip: In the example above, if everything has to be stacked in one room, and you choose the living room, then the boxes of lounge furniture and large items should be at the bottom of the stack, as they’ll need to be assembled last.

Make space – then make a bit more

Most retailers provide product dimensions and weight information, which will come in rather handy when you start creating space, especially for furniture and large items. Don’t guess. The boxes can often be much wider or longer than the product itself. So, check what space you need and double-check the space you’ve created with a tape measure.

If space is tight in your home, flatpack deliveries can be extremely testing. Even so, resist the temptation to store boxes in the spot where the newly assembled furniture will go. You’ll only create another problem for the assembler or yourself.

Manoeuvring large, heavy boxes through an average house can be difficult. So you may want to consider these additional suggestions:

  • Clear the route to the room(s) as well.
  • Remove picture frames or other wall-mounted items along the route, they can be knocked off or damaged.
  • Move anything that prevents doors from fully opening.
  • Move any furniture or potential hazards (e.g. loose rugs).

Deliver to the correct room

Make every effort to have flatpacks delivered to the correct room(s). This is important if your delivery includes large or heavy items. Unfortunately, most furniture deliveries are rushed. Therefore, try to get this point agreed upon before the large furniture courier service arrives.

Getting boxes to the right rooms requires a little time and patience. Or better yet, a delivery note that reads, ‘Deliver furniture to rooms (ground & 1st floor) Happy days!

What if they can’t or won’t deliver to the room of your choice?

Then try to get each room’s boxes stacked together – with the last room to be assembled, at the bottom. That way, your assemblers won’t need to search through a mini-mountain of boxes to find what they need. As a result, any additional time charged will be lower.

Face up. Face out.

This is a flatpack storage tip that will save you time and reduce frustration. Ask your delivery people to:

  • Stack flatpacks the right way up. (e.g. Ikea wardrobe boxes have the Ikea name on the top.
  • Keep labels on the same end.

These two tips will make checking your delivery much, much easier. And you won’t need to handle the boxes to see the labels (hopefully).

Keep fragile items separate

Surprisingly, this is rarely done. Instead, we tend to trust the packaging to protect the items. That’s understandable; modern flatpack packaging is engineering at marvels. That said, it’s marked ‘FRAGILE’ for a reason. So, be smart and set aside any items displaying a ‘fragile’ symbol or unusually thin packages that could easily be damaged or broken.

One more thing… we can assemble the furniture for you

If you’re planning to get Van-247 to assemble your furniture, please observe this simple request:


Yes, you’re tempted to open the boxes and browse the instructions. But there are good reasons to resist the urge, and let the assemblers deal with them.

  1. They will likely spot if the item is incorrect before opening. This means you can return it in its original and undamaged packaging.
  2. They know how to open flatpacks without damaging what’s inside – or themselves.
  3. Small fittings or parts won’t go missing. Without them, your furniture will have to wait for spares to be delivered from the manufacturer. That can sometimes take weeks.
  4. Assemblers can report the damage they discover when they open the boxes themselves.
  5. Assemblers may refuse to work on a piece of furniture you started assembling.  After all, if something goes wrong, who’s responsible?
  6. Moving an opened box to another room, especially upstairs, is a pain. Bits slide around, cut hands, fall out, get damaged, and generally cause unnecessary problems.

So, unless you’re prepared to finish what you start: DO NOT OPEN THE BOXES.

Large Furniture Courier Service at Van-247

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