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Mover company

Mover company

            Mover company for right moving

Mover company for right moving ? A question with many answers and responsibilities. Why? Because it involves many responsibilities until reaching the final smile of the client. Only then will we know if the team did its job well. We will detail in the course of this article what the brand characteristics of a Mover company mean in Van-247delivery’s opinion.

Departments that form a successful Mover company

What are the departments within the moving house removal company that lead to the success of a service? A simple question, but whose answers must be detailed depending on the type of service provided. Today we will refer to only one, namely house removals. In order to successfully perform a shifting house service, the following departments work together:

  • Marketing – the department that prepares the sale of services through the platform social media;
  • Call Centre – the department that interacts with the customer for the first time. Its purpose being to take orders and send them to the Logistics Department;
  • The Logistic Department assigns the service to the moving house movers teams at the date and time established depending on the volume and the number of people needed.
  • Coustomer care – the department that checks and keeps in touch with the customer from the launch of the order until completion


The marketing department creates both advertisements and information based on the experience received from the team or customers. What does he do with these? He puts them into words that he distributes so that the voice of our experience can speak. It practically prepares the housing removals market.
Do you feel good when you are known? That is why Van-247delivery has a Marketing department that prepares the image of a national moving company and sells moving services.

Call Centre for mover company

What is Call Centre? Does it have an important role within the departments? Yes, for the national removals company, the Call Centre represents the ears of information. This department aims to take the information and distribute it to the departments that can solve the situations quickly and efficiently. Shifting a house does not seem like an easy service and it is. During the performance of a job, the mover company may have many situations that the mover London teams cannot solve in the field. That is why there is a voice department within Moving service UK.

When you hear the expression “i want to shift my house“, Van-247delivery will be very happy. Another customer that we have to make happy

Logistic Department

Is the Logistic Department the important department within the mover company? Yes, it is an important department. Indeed, without him, moving companies in London and the UK cannot function, but you cannot consider him in the first place. That in every mathematical equation there is an element. Without the whole range of elements you cannot solve the equation. The same thing happens in business. What does this department do? His role is to manage:

Where do you buy or purchase the materials for home shifting services?

Amazon is one of our most important suppliers. We like to say that we buy everything that is the best to have a perfect house shift service.

Coustomer care in mover company

What does this department do? Coustomer, which is the department that has the role of mediating the connection between the customer and the departments. When problems arise until the final feedback is obtained, this department is in direct contact to facilitate the conclusion of a house shifting transport.

For the London moving company, all these departments are necessary for the perfect performance of a local house shifting job.


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