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Movers Company, What To Throw Out Before Move

Movers Company, have you ever thought of what to get rid of before you move house? House furniture shifting can be a stressful time, but on the upside, it forces you to get rid of all the junk you’ve been holding onto. It’s also easier and cheaper when you have less to pack and load onto the houseshifting removal van. We talked to the experts at Van-247delivery about getting rid of stuff before moving to help you decide what stays and what goes.

Why Should I Declutter My House Before Moving House Removals?

Decluttering before a moving out company arrives (instead of throwing everything into boxes) will make unpacking in your new home a little less stressful. Here’s why you should pare down your belongings:

  • Lower moving home removal costs: One of the factors moving companies use to calculate costs is the total weight. So, the less you have to move, the more you save.
  • Fewer pounds spent on packing supplies: The more you pack, the more moving materials you’ll need, like boxes, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets, which means more money is spent on supplies.
  • It’s better for the environment: Less to pack means fewer storage boxes for shifting house, so you’ll have less waste to send to the landfill when you unbox everything. Having less items also means less weight on the removal van, which can help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Less time spent packing: If you get rid of your unwanted items before you are packing boxes for house shifting, you’ll have less to box up, speeding up the process.
  • Extra room in your budget: If you choose to sell any items you won’t be taking with you, you’ll make a little extra cash, which always comes in handy during a move.
  • More space in your new home: If you’re moving to a home with less closet and storage space, getting rid of things before you get there will make it easier to find a place for everything.

How to Decide What to Toss

Letting go of certain belongings or deciding what you should finally get rid of can be a difficult process. Is it okay to keep the skis that haven’t seen the slopes in a few years? Here are some tips to decide which items to cast away and what to do with them. Ask yourself these 10 questions to decide what to keep and what to throw away when home moving:

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Is it in good condition?
  3. Would I buy it again today?
  4. How often do I wear or use this?
  5. Will this fit or match my new home?
  6. Is this worth the space it’s taking up?
  7. Do I have more than one of these items?
  8. Will it be too expensive or a hassle to move this?
  9. Is this item irreplaceable? Does it have sentimental value?
  10. How practical is this item? Does it bring value into my life?

We know it’s hard, but stop saving things “just in case.” If you haven’t worn it or used it at least once in the last year, or you completely forgot it existed, chances are you’ll never use it. Whatever made it through the 10-question test and into the keep pile can be packed away neatly into boxes and put on the removal van.

Van-247delivery Home Furniture Removal Tip:

Keep a bag of essentials (at least for the first night after the move) so you don’t have to dig through boxes for a change of clothes, toothbrush, etc.

Declutter Checklist for Home Moving

Home moving and getting rid of clutter go hand in hand. Check our list to see if you have these items that probably aren’t worth the space in your house shifting movers van or your new home.

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22 Things to Get Rid of Before Packing for Your Van-247delivery Home Move

What to Do With the “Don’t Keep” Pile

Congratulations! You’ve successfully sorted through all the old, unused, and unnecessary items you’ve been holding onto. But what do you do with the things that didn’t make it to the new home? Here are a few options for you.


If you have some things to get rid of that are still in good shape, consider selling them to make back some of the money you’ll be spending on your house shifting services. Try hosting a garage sale or listing the items online through e-commerce shops like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.


Whatever you can’t sell can be donated. Try taking clothes and smaller items like sports equipment and microwaves to The Salvation Army, and other local thrift stores. Whatever and wherever you donate, don’t forget to check the store’s donation guidelines and keep your receipt to get a deduction at tax time.


House shifting porter advice: if you couldn’t sell it or donate it, or if it’s broken or unusable, it’s probably time to throw it away. Renting a dumpster or skip is a quick solution if you have big items like furniture you can’t leave at the curb.

It’s Time to Pack up and Move out

Moving is a new start, so treat it like one. Make it an opportunity to clean up and get rid of what is not needed, renew old items, and fix broken items that you use, need, or want to keep.

Taking a few hours to declutter your life will leave you feeling refreshed and your new space looking its best. Use our Van-247delivery list to help you during this process, and enjoy your new home!

Decluttering before a move is just one part of my house removals process. Use our ultimate packers for moving house checklist and tips to reduce waste during a move to make the transition efficient.

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