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Office relocation companies, Organisational

Office relocation companies, Organisational

Office relocation companies, Organisational

Office relocation companies organisational and storage tips. We understand that dealing with the paper clutter, endless office supplies and random bits of junk can leave you feeling overwhelmed and distracted.

What’s the best way to boost your productivity and mood? Organise your office with office relocation companies. Yes, it is a monumental task to get your office in order. However, with Van-247’s clever office organising ideas, you’ll be able to sort out your office workspace quickly and efficiently.

Ready to get started? Storage tips with Office Removals

How to Organise Your Office

Office organisation starts here! With these handy office organisation ideas, you’ll have your office space looking clean and tidy within no time. These tips will help any new office after an office removal.

  1. Use Magazine Holders to Stay Organised

Magazine holders are great. When you have sorted through any piles of paper, or any shared office literature put it in a magazine holder. This is a great way to reduce visual clutter. Plus, it prevents you from losing any useful office resources.

  1. Get A Filing Cabinet

Keep as much clutter off the floor as possible. That means investing in filing cabinets to store files or folders. This is particularly important for archives or HR and health and safety documentation. Implement an alphabetical or numerical filing system to keep your documents organised. Files will be found quickly and easily. Now you don’t have to search for hours.

  1. Clear Out Unwanted Items

Effective office organisation can’t begin until you’ve cleared clutter or junk that’s piling up around the office. Do you want to improve employee motivation and productivity levels? A clear and tidy office will achieve that. Remove any surplus or unwanted office items. Create an office culture where you place things in their original home and discard any litter.

  1. Keep The Most Used Office Items Easily Accessible

A great organisational tip is to keep the most used items in the easiest location for staff to find and use them. Regularly used items, such as a shredder, printer, and office supplies should be stationed where staff can easily reach them. A good idea is to add labels reminding employees to keep these areas tidy after use.

  1. Shred Unwanted Paper Documents Regularly

Try to get employees into the habit of shredding unwanted paper items regularly. This will prevent piles of paper from mounting up on desks. This is important if you handle any confidential documentation. If your office handles important contracts that are signed, make sure employees are told to file these away as soon as possible so they can be easily located.

  1. Create A Digital System

More companies are now using digital databases to store all of their paperwork. Using cloud storage rather than cabinets and cupboards gives you extra space in your physical office. If you do have paper documents, scan them immediately and then file them away. This regular task could be assigned to a junior office clerk or administrative assistant.

  1. Tidy up the Cords

Electric cables and cords can easily become tangled. More so when you’re in an office with multiple workstations. Implement using cable ties and cord covers for an easy and inexpensive way of keeping your cables tidy. Prevent any mishaps or accidents happening by tidying these properly.

  1. Give Labels to Everything

Labelling items helps employees to know where everything is. Additionally, it also makes it easy for people to put things back. Purchasing a label maker is a good investment and it doesn’t take much time at all to label office supplies.

  1. Create Work Zones

Office flow is improved by establishing work zones. Have a zone for workstations, a zone for printers and scanners, as well as a separate space for filing cabinets, office supplies, and any other means of storage.

  1. Organise Paper Trays

Create separate and clear trays for incoming documents, outgoing mail, and important items that need attention asap. A highly functional system like this is effective in a busy office environment if you still use paper documents.

  1. Use Mason Jars for Small Items

Pins, paper clips, staples, bits of blue tac, and other small objects can easily become lost or scattered around the office. To keep them together, purchase mason jars specifically for storing bits and bobs. You can place one regularly throughout the office to encourage staff to add their odds and ends. Once a month, empty these small objects back into the stationery cupboard.

  1. Encourage Staff to Organise Desk Drawers

Desk drawers are easily cluttered, especially if you tend to throw anything in there to keep your main space tidy. Encourage staff to declutter their workspaces and clean out their drawers at least once per month. Only keep designated items within drawers and place anything your staff doesn’t need in their designated storage place. This will prevent office stationery from getting lost for months on end.

  1. Provide A Sticky Note Pad for Each Desk

Sticky notes are great for jotting down reminders, such as important appointments or tasks. Provide new employees with a sticky notepad for their workstations to keep notes. They can then stick any important notes to their monitor, ready to tackle when they need to.

  1. Keep A Small Bin by the Desks

One of the best organisation ideas is to keep a small bin by each desk. Having a small bin helps employees to keep unwanted bits of junk off their desks. They’ll be able to work more effectively as they’ll be less distracted by paper clutter or food wrappers. What’s more, their desks will make a better impression on any visitors to the office.

  1. Incorporate Storage Boxes into Your Office

Storage boxes are ideal for keeping all sorts of office supplies in them. You can store notebooks, files, stationery items, and more. Even if you have a storage cupboard, organising items into different storage boxes and placing clear labels on them helps to keep all your office items in places where they can be easily found and returned.

  1. Get External Storage Space

Office organisation can be tricky if you don’t have adequate storage space. One way to get around this is to use off-site storage space. Storing old documents in a storage facility gives you extra space in your office for other things. As long as you keep your items in a temperature-controlled facility, away from potential water damage and pests, you can be confident that your office belongings won’t become damaged during storage.

Organising Your Office Is Easy with Office Removals and Storage Experts Facilities

Office organisation doesn’t need to be a stressful task. With Office Removals and Storage Experts, you can put your unrequired items into storage quickly and efficiently. Van-247 will collect your items for you and return them when you need them back. Get in touch today for a free quote.

Book your office removal with Van-247, whether you are expanding or just changing locations. Keep the above tips in mind when searching for an office relocation companies  like Van-247.

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