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House Move Companies Questions to Ask

House Move Companies Questions to Ask

House Move Companies Questions to Ask

House Move Companies, how do you know you are choosing the best company for your moving day? Did you know that there are hundreds of removal companies in the UK?

There are companies with great offers on the internet, with countless reviews and ratings but it is always good to know more. Here are some questions you should ask to make sure they’re the right company for you:

How long have you been in the house move companies business?

This might be the most telling information you can get from your prospective house move companies. If they were able to stay in business for several years even with a lot of competitors, that means they provide excellent customer service.

Here at Van-247, we have been in business for 16 years. This gives us a solid grounding and shows that we’re still thriving and receiving excellent feedback despite all of the competition.

What’s included in your quote?

Nobody ever wants a surprise bill regardless of the item or service. Make sure in advance that you have a clear knowledge of the package inclusions. Ask about additional fees that could pile up during the move. For example, it could be a large furniture item surcharge or additional fuel expenses. Remember to always ask your removal company about any and all additional costs.  It’s also important to clarify if the packing service includes dismantling and purchasing packing materials, as well as organising permits.

At Van-247 our quotes cover everything, and we will never give anybody a surprise bill at the end of a job. Throughout our discussions, we will cover everything with you to ensure you understand exactly what is included and what may be an extra (additional services for example).

When do you pay ?

Once you have a clear idea of the moving costs, you should know when and how to pay. House move companies have different payment terms and methods. It is best to choose what works best for your particular situation.

Van-247 requests full payment upfront with a minimum of 7 days before the move-day booking.

Are there any items you won’t take?

This question should be high up on your inquiry list of questions to ask to house move companies. Are there items that can’t be in their vehicle? Most of the time movers prohibit flammables, paints, acids, and corrosives. Some also have weight restrictions. These are due to health and safety regulations or are considered dangerous. So, before you hire a removal company, check first if they will allow your items and furniture to be loaded and moved to your new location.

Van-247 can move almost anything (not hazardous). If there’s something unusual or specific, you’d like to move, please notify us in advance.

How big are your delivery vehicles?

What is the most common moving failure? They have damaged furniture and delicate possessions breaking. Wardrobes are usually a headache as well, followed by fragile items like vases or mirrors. It’s essential to know what kind of vans and lorries the removal company is using. Then you can rest assured that your household items will fit inside and won’t get any damage.

Van-247 has various vehicles available for any size move.

What sort of time frame are you looking at?

Several factors can affect the duration of the move. It can last a couple of hours, days, or even weeks depending on the weather, complexity of the job, distance, and holidays. It is important to keep this in mind. Roadworks can also cause delays, especially if the movers have to take a longer route. The amount of time it will take will depend on a variety of factors. These include the need for dismantling and rebuilding for instance. If you make sure you’re completely open with your movers, they will be able to give you a rough estimate of the time.

When will house move companies conduct a survey?

A home removal survey is one of the most crucial things before a move. This is the removal company’s chance to look at what the job requires. Then they can come up with a plan that will get your things to your new location. They can assess first-hand what needs doing and what items are going to be tricky. It allows them to tailor the service based on exactly what you need. Making sure you know when they’re going to conduct it will allow you to give them plenty of time to really make sure they’ve surveyed everything.

Van-247 tries to make the survey as simple as possible for our customers. First, you simply fill in a form on the Van-247 website. Then you will receive a call. Sometimes, we will need to pop out to see you but this is done at a mutually convenient time and all in-person removal surveys are conducted by the owner of Van-247, Mr. Claudiu Balasa

Do they supply packing materials? Such as packing boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc.

This is important to ask because not all removal companies offer this service. The last thing you want on moving home is to spend a fortune to buy packing boxes and packing materials online and then to find out they are unsuitable to use. Thus, make sure you know if you need to supply your own removal boxes, or if the company will supply them for you. Make sure you know if the boxes are included in your quote, or if you need to pay for them separately.

Some packaging companies will sell you ‘packing sets’ which contain everything you need to pack for your move. Ask the removals company if they will provide wardrobe cartons, blankets, mattress protection, and other protective materials (such as television bags or boxes) on moving days for your belongings. How your belongings are protected during your move is critical to their safe arrival at your new location. It’s worth finding this out beforehand to avoid any nasty surprises. The above will make your house-moving experience less stressful and more enjoyable!

Van-247 offers a couple of removal packing services that you can choose from:

  • Part removal packing services: Our packing team will carefully pack and load delicate items such as glassware, mirrors, paintings, crockery, chairs, etc.
  • Full removal packing services: Leave it all for us! Our professional team of packers will carefully make sure all your belongings are packaged up and damage-free!
  • Do it yourself: We can get all the professional moving boxes and materials delivered to your door as a self-packing option.

Do they have Removals Insurance?

Nobody likes when accidents happen, or things go wrong. Occasionally things go wrong during a removal job. Find out what insurance the company offers, how much it costs, and what it covers. You may also be able to use your contents or house insurance. But make sure to verify this with your insurance company before the move! Keep in mind that if you need to claim against your own insurance, your future premiums may rise.

Here at Van-247, we provide free basic compensation cover for up to £50k for fire & theft (in accordance with our T&C). As a removals company, we feel that insurance should be a given. You shouldn’t be charged extra for this.

Do you offer insurance for delays and cancellations?

Most removal companies will have a sliding scale of how much you’ll need to pay if you cancel your booked removal, depending on how close to moving day the cancellation happens. Contracts sometimes fall through, completion can be delayed or changed, or you don’t get your keys on time on completion day. Ask about insurance for cancellations, changing the date of your removal, or a delay in receiving your keys on moving day.

We offer your full funds back if you cancel more than 24 hours before the moving date, after that we will keep 50% if you cancel within less than 24 hours of the removal date. You can give us 24 hours’ notice of a date change. If we can’t accommodate the new move date, your money is refunded.

Does house move companies disconnect and reconnect appliances?

Some house move companies require appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers to be disconnected and drained prior to being moved.

At Van-247, it’s part of the service!

What other services do they offer?

Most house move companies can do so much more for their customers.

Additional services could be:

  • Professional Packing: Packing is without a doubt stressful for everyone. Getting a professional packing service takes away this stress but also minimises the chances of things being damaged.
  • Packing Materials: Can they supply these if you’re packing your own house?
  • Storage: This may come in handy if you’re downsizing for example and need items put into temporary storage.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning: Using the same company means everything will run as smoothly as possible on moving day.
  • Dismantling and Reassembly Services

Van-247 doesn’t offer storage facilities but can help you. With details of reputable storage companies near you. Talk to us today and we can tailor your move specifically to you.

Was the knowledge base enough? I’m sure not. There is always room for more. So our speaker has prepared an extensive article where you can get more knowledge. House movers, why choose Van-247 delivery

If you are moving soon and would like to price your move. Please contact us at +44 (0) 2045523383 our Call Centre Operator and our friendly team is here to help you. Why not get quote today? Fill out a form at https://van-247delivery.com/house-removals/ One of our agents will call you within 5 minutes.

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