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Claudiu Balasa

Claudiu Mihail Balasa


Claudiu is the owner of the Van-247 brand since 2015, a brand created after 19 years of experience in the transport market. Passionate about everything that means machines, trucks, vans, like any other child, he gradually turned his attention to the transport market. By default, the logistics market.

Gradually he developed several transport segments such as: container, tarpaulin, and tipper. Throughout his career from 2002-2007, he held management positions in various companies such as: Key Account Manager, Executive Director and Logistics Director, functions that added value to his managerial career, acquiring new skills.

Following the analysis of the existing logistic deficiencies in the logistics segment starting from 2007, when the deficiency of the logistics fleet reached alarming levels, he opened the first road transport company in Romania.

The year 2015 represented the year of change for him, moving with the whole family to the UK. Other challenges appeared, but still the thought of success was there. 

Attracted by the market of Van type vehicles up to 3.5T, he started to study it. He analysed the logistics segments and found a lot of shortcomings in the logistics operations of the removal type. 

It has built operating systems for loads based on cubic meters and weight in accordance with the legislation in force. This is where the Van-247 brand was born. 

Today, Claudiu is working on improving the operating system on behalf of the client, which will bring unique added value in the world.

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