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Office move London, bringing Growth through on-time Delivery

Do you want to relocate your business premises to another location in the UK and are you looking for office relocation services? Call the office removals service from Van 247 Delivery.

Regardless of the industry you operate in or the size of your business, one thing is certain. Any growing business can go through a relocation at some point. When you want to develop or simply move to a new location, things can get complicated. And calling an office removals company can become the smartest option you can use in order not to lose precious time in your business, but also other resources.

The moment when you must stop all your activities, to organise your teams to deal with every object in your business might seem like a never-ending one. Or that at some point becomes extremely overwhelming. And you will even feel that you are wasting time and money.

Well, you are right here. If you’re very good at your business, that doesn’t mean you have to be equally good at office relocation services, right?

That is why, if you choose to collaborate with an office relocations company like us, Van 247 – Delivery, who do relocations daily and know exactly how and why to deal with them, you will enjoy success in the shortest possible time.

So, leave all this activity to the professionals and return as quickly as possible to those activities that really matter to you and bring you money.

Choose Van-247 Delivery – office removals company who makes your office removals fast, easy, and safe.

Some of the biggest benefits of contacting our team is that you no longer need to worry about packing your things. Or about finding the right transport. And even less will you think about the furniture that needs to be dismantled and assembled in the new premises, because our team will take care of all these things.

It is also no longer necessary to find a coordinator to organise teams that collect things or look for packing materials as we come to you with an inspector who will manage the entire relocation in a professional way, making sure that all objects, documents, and your business equipment will arrive safely at the new location.

In addition, we offer you legal insurance for all your items and we come with all the necessary packaging and machines to transport all your items in complete safety directly to the destination.

Choose to make your UK office move an easy, professional, and hassle-free experience with no hidden costs with Van 247 Delivery.

You can enjoy your new premises as soon as possible, easily going through this process of office removals UK with us!

Van-247 has an Office Removals team near you that you can trust.

Benefits for office removal by office removal company

London office move, steps on moving an office

Plan in advance:

Depending on the complexity of your IT systems, the size of your office, and the amount of furniture you need to move, begin planning at least 12 weeks in advance. Create a list of tasks, the date they need to be carried out, and by whom.


Prepare the workforce:

Let your team know in advance so they will feel prepared for the big day. They need time to prepare themselves and factor in possible extra transport costs, along with starting to organise their belongings.

Maintain productivity:

Adopt a business-as-usual approach. If you are organised, there’s nothing stopping you from carrying on with work right up until the move. The process must be smart and organized so we can turn it into an easy job.

Update your details:

Did something happen to the upload or download address? It’s not a problem, but don’t forget to update all the changes before you move. 

Delegate tasks:

Be precise that all current and potential clients or customers know you are moving premises. Get your business cards updated, along with the contact details on your website and social media profiles. You may think that’s pretty obvious but in the chaos of moving, it can be overlooked.


How to prioritize the move items in the job? Larger, more valuable items may need to be transported before others. Setting things up like your IT system and phone lines means your employees can begin working in your new premises as soon as the furniture is relocated. 

Label furniture:

What needs to be done to find our things very quickly? Make sure that all furniture is appropriately labelled to correspond with its intended location and, if necessary, the staff member that it belongs to. Boxes should also be labelled to indicate their contents. 
TIP: Choose different colours of labels for each workstation or office to identify quickly and easily where each item will be located.

Follow the floor plan:

First stage, furniture measurement and floor plan. Where is everything going to go? Will it fit? And what about the number of power points? This will be answer for questions put by the office removals team. For all office relocation companies, it is very important to be part of an association that guides them in business removals. The most important is the BAR.

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Office moves tips

Office moves tips Office moves: Relocating an office is a significant undertaking that requires meticulous planning and execution. It’s not just about moving furniture and

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