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Furniture removals

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Hire the right furniture transport service

Are you looking for furniture moving companies to help you transport your furniture safely anywhere in the UK?

Choose the furniture removals service from Van 247 Delivery

Is it time to moving home to a new home? Maybe, you simply want to replace your old furniture with a new one. Or maybe a newer sofa really or sofa removal, makes you feel really good at home with your loved ones.

When it comes to furniture removals, there are a variety of services available to assist with the process.

Whatever your situation, have you ever thought how complicated it can be to transport your furniture. Or other large items from one place to another?

If you have not been through this before, but you assume how challenging this can be. And you are looking for furniture removal near you. With Van-247 Delivery, you can trust that your furniture will arrive safely at its destination. At a low cost and with a service high quality.

Move your furniture

Whether you want to move a complete piece of furniture from one place to another. Replace your old furniture or sofa by calling furniture removal companies like us. You can be sure that these other large objects of yours will be in good hands.

Furniture removals services offer a convenient solution for those looking to declutter, relocate, or simply refresh their living space.

Do you want to move or buy new furniture and are you looking for that “furniture removal near me” service?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Certainly, moving or transporting heavy furniture or heavy objects like a sofa cannot be an easy or pleasant experience. Especially when you do not have the necessary human resources or the right machines. Is heavy lifting?

Also, improper handling of these items can not only put you at risk but also cause damage to your items.

So why risk it when you can do everything quickly and efficiently with our furniture removals service?

We offer not only a removal team who will handle each object with full responsibility. But will also help you to remove the old objects and replace them with new ones.

Furniture removals services include professional packing, temporary storage options, and careful handling of delicate items of furniture. Great care for white goods.

So, decide now to change your furniture with a trendy one without any hassle.

Transport of your furniture

We make your transport easy and fast and come to you wherever you are in the UK.

In addition, we guarantee that your items will arrive safely at their destination. Even providing you with legal insurance for them during transport.

Regardless of your transportation needs for furniture removals, Van-247 Delivery is the perfect choice for you. We meet you with fantastic services, competitive prices and dedicated customer service according to your specific situation.

Let us help you and make the process of house move or renewing the spaces you love easier for you.

Call our team of furniture removal experts now and enjoy all our help and sport to move your furniture safely.

Never compromise, We love to transport furniture.

Furniture removals Benefits

Customised for you

Affordable and easy furniture removals

Do you need to transport furniture from one location to another?

Highly recommend, getting a quotation from the best furniture removal service is a hassle you don’t need. Most of the major UK furniture couriers, particularly those offering next-day delivery. Will impose exorbitant fees for transporting even the smallest items.

Disassembly reassembly for furniture removals

When it comes to moving, disassembling furniture can be a crucial step. To ensure everything fits through doorways and onto the moving truck. Is several services that specialize in furniture removals, offering professional disassembly and reassembly to make the process smoother.

These services often come with the added benefit of insurance coverage for your. Offering peace of mind that your possessions are secure.

With experienced teams equipped with the necessary tools. they can handle everything from large wardrobes to complex bed frames.

How does it work the order for furniture removals?

More than simple. Fill out the form above, and we, the Van-247 team, will send you the quote within 5 minutes of receiving the request.

With Van-247delivery, your sofa delivery companies. Rest assured that experienced professionals are organizing your furniture collection.

We will even assist in disassembling and assembling large items like:

  • wardrobes,
  • beds
  • and tables

to get them through narrow spaces. This means reliable service without issues.

Disposal need or waste collection?

Do you need to throw away old supplies, replacing them with new ones? Van-247 will be at your disposal both with transport and with the arrangement of the nearest waste removal collection center.

Our fleet of 1500+ vehicles consists of various-size vans with 1 or 2 team furniture courier.  Thus, no furniture item is too big or too small. 

Being part of an association that keeps pace with the evolution and implementation of new removal strategies is important. An important association is: BAR.

Whether moving to a new home or simply decluttering. These services cater to a range of needs, making the task of furniture removal more manageable.


Furniture removals

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, many removal services offer a dismantling service. You can request this service when booking your furniture removals.

It depends on the item. For example, drawers may remain packed with light items, but it’s best to confirm with the removal service beforehand. 

Yes, professional removal services will use protective materials 

If you have concerns about space, such as narrow doorways. 

Yes, Van-247 offer storage services where they can keep your furniture in a secure facility. 

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