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National Pallets

National Pallets

National Pallets, Navigating The Shortage

National Pallets, are you feeling the pinch of the shortage? You are not alone. Due to the ongoing repercussions of the months of downtime due to the COVID pandemic, companies continue to struggle with acquiring various goods.

Companies everywhere have problems sourcing the items they need to run their business. And this applies to the national pallet network, UK and Europe , as well. Countless businesses struggle to find the pallets they need. This is to secure, get pallets delivered, and store proper product inventories. But, what is the cause of this? How can companies like yours manage the shortage? What workarounds can be obtained to help combat the lack of pallets available today?

This blog will explain the shipping pallet shortage. What is causing it, and in what ways you may be able to navigate these problems and source the pallets you need?

What Is The National Pallet Shortage?

Businesses all over the United Kingdom are trying to source the pallets that they need to secure their products for transportation and storage. But, many companies are struggling to get the pallets they need. Many companies are seeking new same day pallet delivery services as the vendors they have been using for decades are struggling to meet the demand of their current customer base.

As such, many pallet vendors are not taking on new clients. They are having difficulty supplying their core customer base.

What Is Causing The Pallet Freight Shortage?

While COVID was a big player in the events that caused the national pallet shortage, it is not the only thing contributing to this ongoing problem.

Elements that have contributed to the creation and sustaining of the national pallet shortage we are seeing today have been caused in part by:

  • Next day pallet rental companies rationing supplies
  • Manufacturers and distributors increasing pallet inventory
  • Lumber shortage and price increases
  • Labour shortages
  • Gas prices
  • Inventory dwell time increases
  • Pallet delivery truck shortages
  • Shipping container problems
  • Resin Shortages

Each item listed above is a major contributing factor to the national pallet shortage.

How To Navigate The National Pallet Shortage?

Is this a lot to take in? It may seem like too much doom and gloom. But, there are things that you can do as a business that may allow you to navigate the national pallet shortage. You can find some or even all of the pallets you need.

The things that you can do as a company to get around the problems surrounding the national pallet shortage and acquire the pallets you need include:

  • Understanding the “ABCs” of pallets
  • Sourcing pallet vendors
  • Renting Pallets
  • Buy Recycled or used pallets delivered
  • Buy Remanufactured pallets
  • Buy New Pallets
  • Using professional and personal networks to find pallets

With the information here, you will be armed with tools that may help you acquire the pallets you need but have yet to find.

Understanding The “ABCs” 

When you are looking to buy pallets, you have three different types of pallets to choose from. These include A pallets, B pallets, and C pallets. Below Van-247delivery will provide a more in-depth description of each category of pallets mentioned above.

  • A Pallets – A Pallets look like they are (or are) brand new. These pallets are made from newer or new softwood lumber and nails and have been used very little or not at all. Of the three types of pallets mentioned in this section, these pallets are the strongest and most robust of the pallets mentioned. These are the most expensive pallets on this list.
  • B Pallets – B Pallets are not brand new pallets, but they are not old either. While they have been used for a while, they are still in good condition. While some B pallets will have the occasional dent, ding, or chip, they are still strong enough to handle most loads. These pallets cost somewhere between the cost of an A pallet and a C pallet.
  • C Pallets – C Pallets have been put through their paces. They have been used countless times and have seen an extensive amount of action out in the field. C pallets may range from okay condition to lousy condition. An order of C pallets will likely have a few pallets that may be unusable without repair. These are the cheapest pallets you can buy.

Each of the pallets mentioned above will have its own pros and cons. During these times, availability may be an issue for all three varieties. That said, depending on your geographical location, you may be located near a Pallet Parcel Delivery Vendor. They will have more extensive availability of one type of pallet or another.

Sourcing Pallet Delivery Companies Near Me

If your current pallet vendor cannot meet your needs, you have a couple of different options. You can try to source a new small or large pallet courier. Try researching for a new pallet vendor online with search engines such as Google. You may also want to consider contacting your customers and vendors to see who they are using as a pallet vendor.

By leveraging your customer and vendor base, you may be able to find a new pallet vendor within these communities who can meet your needs. As a second option, you may want to contact pallet vendors you have previously used but had decided to move on from. With the current availability of pallets, it may be worth buying from a secondary industrial pallet & transport services vendor.

Using Professional And Personal Networks 

Finally, one thing you can do to increase the probability of getting pallets is to turn to your professional overnight pallet delivery and personal networks. Therefore, consider reaching out to your business contacts to see who they use for their pallet needs. Ask around at professional events where people are getting their pallets from.

If you are on social media, use your personal social media networks to connect with your friends and family to find out if any of the companies they work for have a good next day pallet courier. You can also search your social media networks for keywords like “pallets”, or “pallet delivery same day” and review the posts and articles that come up in the feed. This is a great way to find new leads.

When You Have Found A Next Day  Service

With the information in this blog, you should have everything you need to understand and navigate the national pallet shortage from  pallet collected to pallet delivery. And, with the tools above, you have a great shot at finding a new next day pallet courier for your palletised product needs.

Once you have sourced your new pallets, there is only one thing left to do: get your pallets stacked with products and wrapped with stretch film! If you are looking for a top-notch stretch film vendor who offers a wide variety of the best stretch film brands on the market, look no further! Van-247delivery is here to assist you. If you want a quote on stretch film to wrap your pallets, please reach out to one of our packaging experts. They will be able to help you purchase the best stretch film for all of your product palletising, securing, and containing needs!

What is the cost of pallet postage?

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