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Office movers, Get your Van-247 Move Plan Here

Office movers, Get your Van-247 Move Plan Here

Office movers, Get your Van-247 Move Plan Here

Office movers, do you need an external move plan for your business?

Van-247 offers plans to our clients. Our move management and planning service give you everything you need to have for a successful business relocation.

Our move management services are tailored to your exact needs. We offer full support to your employees where you need it most. Our specialists will develop a move plan and strategy specific to your business that enables your business relocation to succeed.

If you want, Van-247 can take full control over your office furniture removals management plan. This will allow your staff to focus on business as usual for commercial removals.

An Office Move Plan

The Van-247 office move management and planning services will start with assigning business unit representatives from your staff. These representatives will then be responsible for relaying necessary information about your office move back to your employees.

Start this process well in advance? Plenty of time should be given to your employees to understand the process and then secondly what is required from your staff. A change communication plan should be implemented. For example: you can conduct workshops or create moving guidelines. A great idea is to give your staff welcome packs so that everyone at your business knows exactly what, where, which, and when core moving goals need to be completed.

With Van-247’s planning process and bespoke move planning, every stage of the relocation is covered. We ensure no stone is left unturned by putting efficient communication strategies in place to keep the timing and deadlines on track. With Van-247, there will be minimal stress during your office move. Everyone will arrive at your new premises in a positive and confident mood.

Your Move Plan

What you need to create your plan, office movers?

The wide range of Van-247’s move management services enable the successful implementation of a move plan and ensures client business continuity.

Office Removals Moving Plan Includes:

  • You need Conducting and structuring planning meetings? yes.
  • Setting up a user group committee to act as the communication channel, you need? yes.
  • Contractor liaisons you need? yes.
  • Audits you need? yes.
  • Labelling systems you need? yes.
  • Anything else that the business requires for a smooth relocation.

What does the client rely on when choosing an office removal team?

  • Trust? Yes.
  • Professionalism? Yes.
  • Punctuality? Yes.
  • Experience? Yes.
  • Insurance? Yes.

Why would I choose Van-247 to realize and execute the office removals plan?

  • Does he have experience in the field? more than 15 years both domestically and internationally.
  • Does it have trained people? all employees have training for carrying out the activity.
  • Does it have the necessary logistic capacity? yes, with a fleet of over 1500 vans it can cover any job in any corner of the UK.
  • Van-247 have the logistics part of the necessary materials? Van-247 employees come prepared with everything they need based on the established plan: toolboxes, bubble wrap, boxes, various types of trolleys.
  • Cover damages if they occur involuntarily? Yes, the insurance base is £50,000 but it can be increased depending on the value of the transported goods.

Some things to know about the fleet needed

The fleet of an Office Removal Company must include vans with different tonnage. Why? Due to the tonnage restrictions imposed on certain streets, you cannot enter the loading or unloading place with all types of vehicles.

When do you know that you have completed the office removal job to the highest standards? When the words in the review given are words of praise and recommendation.

What could be easier when you have an job that gives you headaches? Simply: contact the Van-247 team, which takes care of the plan until the installation of the last piece in the new office.

Let Van-247 Office Removal Company navigate your relocation today with strategic move management and planning. Get your Van-247 move plan today.

Book your Office Furniture Removals with Van-247, whether you are expanding or just changing locations. Keep the above tips in mind when searching for  company like Van-247.

Is the amount of information not enough? The office removal London team has prepared a fabulous article with a lot of useful information: Office Removals London Moving Treads

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One of our agents will call you within 5 minutes.

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