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Office removal London, a Step-by-Step Checklist

Office removal London, a Step-by-Step Checklist

Office removal London, a Step-by-Step Checklist

Office Removal London, a step-by-step checklist. Crucial in the relocation process is to make a checklist for planning an office move. This plan should include the logistics behind the physical movement, the IT equipment relocation, etc. An office move can be overwhelming that’s why our Van-247 step-by-step office removals checklist will make it much easier.

Van-247 Step-by-Step Office Removals Checklist

office removal London
Van-247 Office Removal Checklist

The office removals checklist

  1. Confirm the moving date

Choose a moving date after confirming your new office location and stick to it! Now you can start ticking things off your step-by-step office removals checklist.


  1. Notify your current landlord

Once you’ve confirmed your moving date, inform your current landlord about this. Do this as soon as possible and let them know when you plan to terminate your lease.


  1. Hire a moving company

Moving an office building requires the help of a professional removals company. Include this in your office move checklist when planning your move. Be sure to hire a moving company that suits your needs best. You can get your free Van-247 quotation .


  1. Appoint a moving coordinator

Select a moving coordinator from your staff. Having a designated person coordinating the move will streamline the entire moving process, and your team members will know exactly who to report to.


  1. Inform local partners, affiliates, and suppliers of your move

Your relocation will probably affect your business partners, clients, and suppliers. Make sure they are up to date with your new contact information. Explain how the relocation might affect your planned activities.


  1. Evaluate office furniture or equipment

Review pieces of furniture that need to be specially handled during the move. The same goes for special equipment. Remember to list furniture and equipment that will be reassembled. Make sure you tick this off your planning-an-office-move checklist.


  1. Order specialized equipment

Specialised equipment should be pre-ordered. Equipment that needs replacing or upgrading might take months to build or ship.


  1. Make a plan for setting up computers and IT systems

Confirm whether your IT team can do this on their own or if you need to hire extra help, all about PDU or Power Distribution System are detailed on Mightynews.


  1. Audit keys, parking passes, and access cards

Create a master list of every employees’ keys and passes. This makes it easy to refer to when you need to collect outstanding access cards before moving day.


  1. Collect moving supplies

Are your employees packing up their own desks? Make sure that they have all the supplies they might need. This includes cardboard boxes, packing tape, and labelling materials. Amazon UK is a great supplier of packaging materials.

I am convinced that all these details will make your work easier in the office removals job. That’s why with every article we make, we try to help all customers through the experience we accumulate every day.


Recap the step-by-step office removals checklist

Make sure you download or screenshot our Van-247 checklist for planning a worry-free office move.

It’s crucial that when you’re planning your office move, you follow this checklist! Get ahead by determining the move’s budget as soon as possible, appointing responsibilities internally in your company, and booking the moving service.

Arrangements like setting up your new office, and ordering new keys, and office necessities should be handled before the moving week chaos. This way, your move will run smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This part is significant if it comes to any last-minute surprises.

Book your office removal with Van-247, whether you are expanding or just changing locations. Keep the above checklist in mind when searching for an Office Removals, Get your Van-247 Move Plan Here .

Is the amount of information not enough? The office removal services team has prepared a fabulous article with a lot of useful information: Office Removals London Moving Treads

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