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Removal house, where to get free boxes?

Removal house, where to get free boxes?

      Removal house, where to get free boxes?

Removal house, are you moving home anytime soon? If the answer is yes, you’ll certainly need plenty of cardboard boxes. You will have to take all of your items from your house-sized box and put them in small boxes. Load them onto a mobile box, often referred to as a van, and unload them into your new house-sized box. See what we did there?

Places where you can get free boxes for house removals

So, where can you get free moving boxes for house for removals? It turns out there are plenty of stores and supermarkets ready to spare a free cardboard box or two. You only need to ask! So, what stores will give you boxes and what do you look for in a second-hand cardboard box?

Most businesses that sell goods have scheduled deliveries throughout the week. This means that they have an abundance of free cardboard boxes. Others recycle them because they have no further use for them.

Here are some of the places you can check:

Major supermarket chains

Your first go-to place should be any of the major supermarket chains. These stores often have discounts and sell items in bulk, more often than not, they receive daily deliveries. You can get moving boxes from ASDA early in the morning or late in the evening when the shelves are being restocked. If you want to try your luck with Tesco, you must go there between 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning before they take away the empty boxes for recycling. The company’s individual policy will determine the availability of the boxes.

The best boxes to look for are fruit and alcohol boxes. They are made to carry heavier and fragile items. That makes them perfect for moving houses. Van-247 will share some tips on packing fragile items in our next blog. Remember fragile items need to be taken better care of than the rest of your belongings. Be sure to check for any tears or bugs, and you’re good to go! You can also consider looking for cleaning detergent boxes. They are sturdy and also made to withstand moving heavy items.

Discount stores

The next place you should check is pounded shops such as Poundland. Needless to say, discount shops also have daily deliveries as they also sell items in bulk. Go to your local pound store and inquire about any free cardboard boxes. Even if there aren’t any available right now, you can ask for the time of the next delivery and go then.

Grocery stores and off-license shops

The next places on your list when searching for free boxes for moving house should be local groceries and off-license shops. The store owners would be glad to remove a few liquor boxes. These stores are smaller, hence, there’s no place for stacking unneeded boxes.

Bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants also have spare alcohol boxes. However, although liquor is regularly consumed in such places, keep in mind that the amount of boxes you can get is limited.

Coffee shops

According to the Starbucks and Costa Coffee websites, both companies are working hard towards reducing their carbon footprint. They do this through recycling and providing environmentally friendly services. Ask any staff member for coffee supplies boxes. They may be smaller than regular moving boxes, but they are ideal for odd items and house decorations. The good news is once you’re done with the house removals process, you can return the used boxes to Costa Coffee. They accept non-branded items for recycling.


If you need packing boxes for books, look no further than bookstores such as WHSmith and Waterstones. The heaviest items you’ll probably need to pack are books, folders, and paper documents, apart from any household appliances. Of course, there are some tricks to do that properly. Read our next blog on how to pack books to get a better idea of how to do it.

Print stores and copy centres

Likewise, print stores and copy centres have many copiers paper boxes. These boxes are uniform in size (easily stackable) and easy to handle, thus perfect for storing heavy items (extra strength). You’ll have one less thing to worry about when loading the boxes onto the house removal moving van.

Try visiting a few copy centres in your area. It is most likely that you will find free copier paper boxes there.

Recycling centres

If you haven’t had any luck with any of the above-mentioned, try searching for free moving boxes. You can find them in the place where all unneeded items go to rest, the recycling centres. Check for the nearest recycling centre that accepts corrugated cardboard boxes. Inspect any bugs or other unwanted life forms before taking them in.

Many cardboard boxes end their life journeys at recycling centres. A word of advice, be very cautious when considering boxes straight out of recycling stations. You need to inspect them closely for signs of damage and possible infestations.

Local schools, colleges, and universities

Are you living in an area with many educational establishments and student halls? If you have scheduled your house removals for the spring or fall season, chances are many students are moving simultaneously. Ask around the schools or hall staff members for any discarded moving boxes or school supplies boxes.

Fast food chains

Did you know that you can ask for the fry boxes at fast-food chains? Those are the boxes in which frozen chips are delivered to the local fast-food branches. Frozen food is usually very heavy; hence the boxes it comes in are sturdy enough for removals purposes.


If your main concern is obtaining small boxes for free, then going to the pharmacy might be your best choice. Although medicine comes in bulk, the delivery boxes are smaller than the usual storage box. You can use these cardboard boxes to store medicine, utensils, and jewellery.

DIY and department stores

Anyone dabbling in DIY projects can tell you that materials come in many different-sized boxes. Asking employees at these stores about spare boxes might not supply you with many free containers, but it’s still worth a try. Wickes is one such place. Deliveries are scheduled in the afternoon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so the possibility of a stack of free cardboard boxes is high.

Where can be droop in the house. The best place for packaging is living room.

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