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Van&Man Hire Tips on Moving Plants

Van&Man Hire Tips on Moving Plants

Van&Man Hire Tips on Moving Plants

Van&Man Hire, do you need to move plants? Learning how to move with plants is a worthwhile learning process that can save you time. Plants can be some of our most treasured possessions. Some plants have been with us for many years and have become part of our everyday lives. Van-247delivery has excellent Man with Van Removals tips in this blog on how to move with plants.

Man with a Van Removal Tips For Moving With Plants

Moving with plants requires a green thumb, patience, and organisation. These are all requirements when growing and tending to plants anyway, so you should have no problem! It’s important to consider the length of the journey, as this can affect the process dramatically. Local Man and Van for hire moves should not offer too many challenges. However, longer moves have their own considerations which will be covered in a later blog. For now, we will focus on local Man with a Van Hire moves.

How To Move With Plants

  • Step 1: Repot plants to shatter-proof plastic pots
  • Step 2: Remove dead leaves to reduce overall size
  • Step 3: Check Plants For Insects
  • Step 4: Water You Plants as Normal
  • Step 5: Wrap Larger Plants to Prevent Damage
  • Step 6: Place Plants In Van with Man Hire Moving Boxes
  • Step 7: Secure Plants By Placing Paper Around Base
  • Step 8: Label Boxes for Man in a Van London


Moving your plants from your garden to your new home is no easy task, especially when you are doing this for the first time. It can cause a great deal of stress on your plants which you have spent a lot of time taking care of. For most people, this task comes as one of the most challenging parts of their Van&Man Hire house removal project. We all know that plants don’t travel well and can struggle with the physical impact of relocation as they find it very hard to adjust to a new environment. It can cause a great deal of stress to your plants so it is best to start preparing them early so they can arrive at your new home safely.
To give your houseplants or garden ones the best chance for survival, follow these steps from Van-247delivery Man with Van Hire. They are prepared thanks to previous man with a van removalists services that we have been providing our clients with.

Step 1: Repot plants to shatter-proof plastic pots

For potted plants, you will need to repot them into shatter-proof plastic pots. Ceramic or clay pots, soil and the plant are very heavy together. These pots are also prone to breakage and as such require their own packing and moving process.

Step 2: Remove dead leaves to reduce the overall size

For larger plants, some pruning may be required to reduce them down to a manageable size and help avoid branch breakages. Removing the dead leaves and branches will also help yield healthier plants in your new homes. Just make sure you are not pruning plants that do not require it!

Step 3: Check Plants For Insects

Before moving with your plants, do an insect and parasite check. You don’t want any nasties infecting your new garden.

Step 4: Water You Plants as Normal

Around three days before moving, depending on the type of plant, water them as you usually would. Plants are like people and need to be hydrated when relocating. Just make sure not to overwater them.

Step 5: Wrap Larger Plants to Prevent Damage

Larger plants may require some additional protection to prevent their limbs from breaking. There are a few ways to do this but a suitably sized bed sheet or something similar will provide sufficient protection.

Step 6: Place Plants In Removal Van&Man Moving Boxes

Now that your plants are newly potted in their plastic pots, watered, insect free and protected, they are now ready to be moved into a moving box. There are no special requirements for the box itself, just make sure that it is sturdy enough to support the weight of your plants.

Step 7: Secure Plants By Placing Paper Around Base

Plants are not known for moving around, but when they are in a moving vehicle, accidents can happen. To prevent this, use packing material around the base of the plant pot to hold it in place.

Step 8: Label Van & Man Moving Boxes

Now that your plants are in their boxes it is time to label them, and maybe put some additional notes about the last time they were watered. That way, you can easily maintain their care routine.

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We, at Van-247delivery Van&Man Hire, hope that these tips and tricks will be helpful for the relocation of your leafy friends. We have many years of experience in transporting all kinds of indoor flowers to your favourite garden pieces. So you can rest assured that you and your plants will be settling in and putting down roots in no time.

If you require any additional help with other household or garden items, please take a look at our moving tips and tools blog, and read more in Man with Van Who is Van-247delivery. If you would like to speak to a moving expert, contact us today at +44 (0) 204-552-3383.

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