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Waterproof Boxes for House Removals

Waterproof Boxes for House Removals

Waterproof Boxes for House Removals

Waterproof Boxes, do they exist? House for Removals, are you moving? Are some of your furniture or house items going to be in storage for a while? If yes, your items will probably be stored in cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are vulnerable to moisture but there are many ways to waterproof them.

This will protect them from dampness, rain, condensation, and spills. Waterproofing also helps maintain the box’s integrity, which prevents it from collapsing.

Waterproofing Cardboard Boxes for House Removals

Keep in mind, some methods totally waterproof cardboard boxes while others provide water resistance. Choose the method that suits your needs, fits your budget, and can be done in the time you have.

Choose the method to suit your needs

PVA glue

Paint the outside of your cardboard boxes with PVA glue to provide a waterproof finish. PVA glue is water-based so it can be mixed with water to make it thinner. It will also make it easier to work with. Cover each surface and make sure the glue has dried thoroughly before assembling the box. Even a tiny gap will compromise the waterproof seal.

Plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is a quick and easy way to waterproof cardboard boxes. Wrap them in plastic pallet wrap once they’re packed and sealed. The wrap is like cling film but wider and thicker. Buy your plastic wrap on large rolls. This method creates plastic waste, but the boxes are untouched and can be recycled or reused.


With a paintbrush brush melted paraffin wax onto your cardboard boxes. Important notice: Melted wax is extremely hot, so be careful when you work with it. Wax should be sufficient to protect boxes against dampness. A benefit of wax is that it dries quicker than the other methods mentioned.


Shellac is a type of lacquer (it comes in flakes) that’s used to seal musical instruments and wooden furniture. Mix the flakes with alcohol or methanol to become liquid. The alcohol and methanol then evaporate, and the shellac hardens. Shellac is non-toxic and 100% natural. Cardboard boxes covered in shellac can be recycled or composted when they’re no longer in use.

Acrylic spray

For a quick and easy way to coat, the outside of your boxes uses acrylic spray paint or varnish. If you properly sealed, acrylic spray can be done once the boxes are packed. Important Note: Acrylic sprays give off fumes, so wear a mask and eye protection during the application. Unfortunately, spraying cardboard boxes with acrylic paint or varnish makes them non-biodegradable so you’ll be able to reuse them but not recycle them.


Polyester or fiberglass resins are very effective at waterproofing and are often used on boats and in marine settings. Work in small batches since resin sets quickly. It takes at least 24 hours to fully cure, so allow ample time for the job. Resins are synthetic so your cardboard boxes won’t be recyclable or compostable.

A Reusable Alternative to Cardboard Boxes before House Removals

For boxes that are 100% waterproof and won’t get soggy or wet, choose a reusable plastic moving box with a fitted lid.

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