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Who is? What is…Van-247delivery?

Who is? What is…Van-247delivery?

                Who is? What is…Van-247delivery?

Van-247delivery with pride: House removals, Office Removals, Pallet Transport and Piano Transport. Nice slogan? It took us some time to manage to find something that expresses both the services and the safety of the customers in our services. What does it mean? Let’s create together a definition of what we wanted to convey:

  • Van-Type of van or truck required;
  • 247- 24 hours out of 7 days availability;
  • delivery – any kind of palletized goods or Removals.

What is the best time to call Van-247delivery? Good question: here is the answer. We are available anytime, anywhere.

Who is owner for Van-247delivery? The owner of the brand is a Romanian citizen, with over 20 years of experience in the transport market.

Office location

Where is Van-247 Delivery based? The headquarters is in London, Great Britain, and the other components as: marketing in South Africa, Call Centre – Romania, IT Developer – South Africa.

Employee training and equipment

Do employees benefit from training? Yes, employees benefit from induction as well as specialized training. Do employees have equipment? Yes, both summer and winter equipment.

Van-247 evolution

We, Van-247, started the transport activity through the national pallet delivery transport. The origin of the country of origin being Romania. Following the decision to change the logistics base from Romania to the United Kingdom, the company has developed its services.

So that at this moment CFMB Delivery (Van-247delivery) provides the following services:

  • House Removals? – moving houses
  • Man and van?- van rentals with driver Man and Van – Van-247 (van-247delivery.com)
  • Furniture and large items? – transportation of furniture of any size Furniture and Large Items – Van-247 (van-247delivery.com)
  • Office removals? – office removals, both furniture and the technical part (servers, wi-fi system, video conference system) Office Removals – Van-247 (van-247delivery.com)
  • Pallet transport ?- the transport of pallets with goods anywhere in the UK Pallet Transport – Van-247 (van-247delivery.com)
  • Piano transport? – moving any type of piano regardless of floor or distance Piano Transport – Van-247 (van-247delivery.com)

Full house moving company for job House Removals by Van-247delivery

House Removals/House removal
House removals by Van247delivery

Is house removals job available? Yes, Van-247delivery is full house moving company with full house removal cost. A House removal job can be easy or difficult? Depending on what kind of House movers are in the team. Van-247delivery has good movers to make good moves removals.

It doesn’t matter if you are big removal companies or local small removals company? It is important to educate people from a professional point of view so that they can face any challenge. Are you wondering why removal companies prices are different? Here are additional costs for employee training for the benefit of the company’s name as well as yours. All professional training can be done by BAR removal companies wich accredited removal companies.

What kind of services does House removal job contain?

Oops….question for Van-247delivery? The Van-247delivery team established a list of services registered in our system. Which makes the house relocation cost differ from case to case? These are:

  • Small, medium, large boxes, wardrobe box
  • Packing items;
  • Assembling or disassembling furniture;
  • Loaded and unloaded items in and out of the van or truck.

In our market it is possible to meet only removal company packing service. Which will not provide all removal service, these companies being considered moving house without removal. Removal company charges being different depending on the chosen services.

The highest costs in the entire UK territory being house removal costs London. Why? Both transport costs and salary or material costs are the highest.

Removal companies prices by Van-247delivery

House removal quotes or removal firm quotes is the question? Frequent and interesting. Van-247delivery shows you what the price is made of in order to build you up on the related costs. So let’s break down the cost into:

  • Materials? Yes.
  • Fuel? Yes.
  • Vans or trucks maintained? Yes
  • Special road taxes? Yes.
  • Insurances? Yes
  • Employees or self-employers? Yes
  • Office rent? Yes.
  • Marketing? Yes.

Therefore, in addition to these costs, the profit margin of Van-247delivery will also be found in the final price. Another cost that can be added is storage for a certain period of time. If you want the service removals and storage near me.

Looking for moving house removal vans, thinking about renting a van, assuming that you will do all the work yourself, it is the cheapest solution. But it involves many risks and disadvantages.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for west London removals or from another corner of the UK, Van-247delivery will find the friendly form of the final cost.

Insurance held by Van-247delivery

Van-247delivery is removal company that will pay? In the case of damage caused by various reasons, Van-247delivery will pay in full. Either through insurance if the value is considerable. Either directly. The company Van-247delivery being insured both for removals and during transport. The companies that make this possible are: AXA, Haven, BCD .

Our happy family after finished job House removals It can be see:

Office removals made Van-247delivery

Is the job of office removals different from house removals?Van-247delivery will answer yes. Why? Because apart from those previously discussed, it involves moving conference systems, wi-fi or servers. For these additional details, Van-247delivery has the necessary technicians. So Van-247delivery cannot be considered only office furniture removal company. But a commercial office removals fulfilling all the services necessary for the move: business furniture removal or commercial furniture removal and technical device. This means completing 100% office move services.

The execution time of an Office removals job

How much time is allocated for the complete realization of a job office removals? Van-247delivery allows between 1-3 days to complete this job. If it is small office removals, it will be completed in one day. If the job involves disassembling and assembling systems, packing and packing items or disassembling and assembling furniture within 2-3 days.

Way of working

There will be three teams:

  • the office furniture removals team, which has 1 day to dismantle the furniture and packing;
  • the technical team that works for the disassembly and subsequent assembly of the technical equipment;
  • the movers team, which has the role of loading and unloading all the office staff.

That is why office removalists are built, so that each team knows what it has to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s small office removals or big office removals, the schedule will be respected exactly by the teams. So that all old office furniture removal, photocopier removals, office desk removal should be moved to fulfill the tasks office furniture removal services. When office clear out furniture the loading step is finished.

If there are security boxes, our cubicle moving company will pick them up for you. In a few words, Van-247delivery can organize and carry out an office removals job with a low office removal costs. To share our experience with you, our speaker prepared the article: Office Removals London Moving Treads and movie:

Man and van with Van-247delivery

What is the hire man with van service? Van-247delivery offers you the service of renting a van with a driver for a minimum of 4 hours. It is the removal service man with a van in which the driver will not help you in the process of loading and unloading. If three men and a van are requested, the removal van costs will increase. The removals man and van hire service is indicated for small van removals. But it is possible to send other types of vans with a larger volume.

Can i have man with a van same day? Yes. Van-247delivery having a fleet composed of over 1500 vans at national level can provide such a service these days. Wow 1500 vans? yes.

Experience as a man with a van company? The speaker van-247delivery put our experience into words preparing your article: Man with Van Who is Van-247delivery  and one movie :

Furniture and large items items executed by Van-247delivery

What does it mean ? What is this service? Van-247delivery will be at your disposal with all the information. So, sit down, relax, and give us a few moments so we can share the experience of courier companies for furniture.

Services fast courier for furniture parcel service

  • Courier dining table? Yes.
  • Courier large items UK? Sure.
  • Courier service for heavy items? Yes.
  • Courier table? Sure
  • Mattress courier? Yes
  • Wardrobe courier? Sure
  • Courier chair? Yes.

What am I? All these services are provided within Furniture and large items.

Have you ordered furniture? Van-247delivery will be at your disposal with the service of sending furniture by courier.

Do you have a sofa with atypical dimensions? Van-247delivery will be at your disposal with the sofa delivery courier.

Have you bought a chair or mattress? Van-247delivery will be at your disposal with the following services: send a chair by courier or send a mattress by courier.

Are the items heavy? No problems, we have the heavy item courier service.

Do you need courier bulky items? The Van-247 delivery team is a call away or a click away.

Can it be sent from anywhere and anywhere in the UK? Yes, sure.  Our courier services furniture  with couriers for large items UK will do collect and deliver furniture anywhere in UK.

Does experience matter? Yes, van-247delivery can confirm this. That is why the speaker of our experience has prepared an extensive article for you: Furniture courier, we’ll help you. And a movie :

Pallet transport by Van-247delivery


Pallet transport
Pallet transport by Van-247delivery

What does it mean to be the best pallet delivery company? Van-247delivery will answer you with a few questions that should define the meaning of the previous question.

  • Did the pallet distribution companies send van or truck to arrive on time for loading? Yes, will arrive in time anytime , anywhere in UK.
  • Are you correctly send the van or truck with the correct dimensions and weight? Yes.
  • Did the van or truck of the pallet freight companies arrive at the destination on time? Yes.
  • Do you have pallet transport prices correct? Yes.
  • Your companies do national pallet delivery?. Yes
  • For frozen pallet transport do you need refrigerated pallet transport? Yes
  • Is the freight cost per pallet at the level of the market you belong to? Yes.
  • You can do double pallet delivery? Yes.

Are these correct questions? Van-247delivery considers that if the answers are positive, you can be part of the pallet delivery family. Being the first segment within the company, having a vast experience, our speaker detailed more in the article: Delivery pallets, The Process and video:

Piano transport made by Van-247delivery

What does piano transport mean in the opinion of moving companies that move pianos? Van-247delivery considers that regardless of whether you have a job moving a piano to another room or long distance piano movers, our team can cope in all conditions. How to do a perfect job piano transport? Van-247delivery considers these elements necessary:

  • piano moving blankets? Yes.
  • piano moving trolley? Yes.
  • harnesses? Yes.

The size or type of piano matters?

Does it matter for Van-247 delivery? Regardless of whether we have a grand piano delivery job or upright piano delivery or another type of piano, Van-247delivery will be present. The details in the order form are essential to prospect the number of people needed as well as the cost to move the piano across

What is the average cost of moving a piano? Cost to move a piano for the piano transport job depends on the following factors:

  • the number of people assigned to the piano transport job? Yes
  • distance traveled between the loading and unloading point what is piano transport cost ? Always.
  • the materials used to carry out the job? Sure.

Is there a difference between cost moving a grand piano and upright piano removal cost? Van-247delivery says yes. The number of people assigned as well as the type of vehicle make the difference.

Is there any difference between a normal truck and a piano truck or grand piano truck ? So, yes there is a difference. The difference is made by the internal reinforcement system.

Are you convinced of what piano moving quote consists of? Yes, Van-247delivery this is all factors for piano moving cost.

Having considerable experience in Piano transport, the speaker Van-247delivery prepared a symbolic article. This article mentions many details in detail: Transporting a Piano in musical steps and a video:

Conditions for formulating an order

How can orders be sent? Can they be done online or by phone? Van-247delivery provides both the online forms and the contact us page. All orders being made in accordance with Client terms conditions, Refund policy and Private policy

Fleet for Van-247delivery

How big is the Van-247delivery fleet? The national fleet is around 1500 vans and trucks. Is it expanding? Van-247delivery being in a continuous expansion so as to cover as well as possible all areas of the United Kingdom.

Area coverage by Van-247delivery

Where does Van-247delivery activate? Throughout the UK. That’s why Van-247delivery has created a special Area coverage page where it will give details about each location and related services.

Businesses with Van-247 delivery

Are there ongoing contracts? Through the accumulated experience over the years, Van-247delivery has ongoing service contracts with renowned companies. Such as: Amazon, Ceva Logistic, Shippy, Anyvan, CX, and others. Van-247delivery is always open to new contracts and new challenges. That’s why I created the Businesses page.

Partner with us

What does it mean ? How can it be translated? Simple. Van-247 delivery has reached the level where the number of orders exceeds the level of the existing fleet. And that’s why we need partners? The flow is in a continuous movement. As a result, we created the Partner with us page, where new partners can request entry to our platform. The transmission of jobs is done based on the system and General Terms&Conditions, Partners Terms&Conditions

Blog and Marketing related to Van-247delivery

Is there social media and Blog? All the news and our experiences are displayed in our Blog and on the social media platforms we use. Such as: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter

What is the color of the Van-247 Delivery brand? Good  question: green .

Career with Van-247delivery

Do you need a job? Our page Careers is open to apply for vacancies job.

What you like to do? Chat with people, drive the Van or Removals team? Is space for everyone.

Future for Van-247delivery

What does the future represent? The future horizon is very bright for Van-247delivery. What is he doing now for the future? Van-247delivery develops digital programs based on customer needs. What is the logo Van-247delivery? Logo is the lion, power at the jungle. What is Van-247delivery? A brand that develops business ideas from the needs of customers every day. Who is Van-247delivery? It is us, the people just like you, the team that sets everything in motion.

Wow? This is all? yes…

Ups? I lose something? Yes…

Van-247delivery with pride.

Van-247, Logo Van-247/man and van/house removals/office removals/pallet transport/furniture and large items/piano transport
Van-247, Logo van-247,




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