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Pallet Delivery Sheffield

Pallet Delivery in Sheffield. Deliver your pallets safely, stress-free, and professionally at any time with Van 247 Delivery

So, if you are looking for a pallet delivery in Sheffield, that is efficient, professional and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you have come to the right place. Your pallets of products need to be delivered safely to avoid losing money and to ensure that your business image remains professional!
The team Van-247 know how frustrating it is to sit “like needles” with the thought that the products you deliver packed in pallets will not reach their destination intact. Perhaps many times when you deliver pallets you are stressed until they reach their destination, always thinking about how they will be handled in warehouses or during transport. But with Van 247 Delivery you don’t need to worry even for a moment. Because our delivery experts make sure you don’t have to worry about the delivery status of the pallets.
With the help of pallets you can transport as many products as possible at once, which helps you save time, money and energy.
Whether you are the owner of a business or want to send products using pallets, choose us for quality, professionalism and availability at any time.
Choose Van 247 Delivery for pallet delivery in Sheffield! Choose safety every time!

Looking for a courier service for pallets? Stop looking because you’ve found us, Van 247 Delivery

Van-247 complies with every legal provision regarding the conditions under which we must deliver your pallets. Our experts follow the rules imposed by the current regulations and the standards imposed, so that the pallets can be loaded and unloaded in complete safety, without any risk to your products. Each means of transport is equipped with the necessary number of straps for your transport to reach its destination safely. You even benefit from up to 50,000 pounds of insurance for all goods transported through our pallet delivery partners. This means that in the event of any incidents during transport, we assure you that you will benefit from our full support.
We insure trucks to the value of £100,000 for the duration of delivery and collection of work pallets, because we know you need peace for your mind throughout the process. If the value of your products exceeds this amount, we supplement the insurance policy with the value requested for the pallet transport job.

Why use us, Van-247 for pallet delivery in Sheffield?


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Maybe you need to deliver a shipment unexpectedly at a certain time of the day or night. We are available NON STOP.
  • We customize each service for you, so that you are fully satisfied with our delivery services.
  • You can transport large and heavy products while transporting as many as possible at once.
  • Can it send up to 2 tons of cargo with the help of pallets? yes.
  • Our team delivers your pallets the next day with the next day pallet delivery service, if you need to meet a very short delivery deadline.
  •  What about tracking the status of your shipment at any time? Yes, always.
  • What are the benefits from the insurance of your pallets? you have peace for your mind during the entire process.
  • Van-247 complies with the safety rules of the transport of goods regulated by the British government
  • Great prices, no hidden fees.


These are the most important benefits for you, so that both you and your customers are satisfied. Added to all this is the professionalism and kindness of our pallet delivery service experts in Sheffield.

How does our pallet delivery service in Sheffield work?

Now it’s easier than ever to ship your products on pallets. Complete the pallet delivery Sheffield form with information about the number of pallets, their size and weight and submit it.
It is important to know the size of a pallet so that it is not rejected from your transport. See more information about our pallet delivery size guide that helps you to know everything about pallets size, if you choose us for pallet delivery service.
After we receive your request, we evaluate the information as soon as possible. We inform you of the status of your request, at which point you will say goodbye to your worries.


What happens after you have completed the form and sent it to us?

  • A courier will collect your pallet from the address indicated in the form.
  • Once at the warehouse, the pallet will receive a unique identification code.
  • Pallets that arrive at the same place are sorted together. You will receive an email with a scanned barcode to track the route.
  • A Van 247 driver will be assigned to transport the pallets to the required addresses. And you will know when they arrive at their destination.

You need to know all of this information as the decision to choose the transport service is yours. We can only provide you with all the details that will help you make this decision and ensure that the pallets arrive intact at the desired destination.

Don’t know where to find the pallets you need? Here is an abundance of key information on where to find the pallets you need https://palletonline.co.uk/blog/pallet-shipping-guide. And if you still can’t find it, check out Universal Pallets or Gumtree.

Do you send pallets abroad? Here’s what you need to know ahead of time

Before sending pallets abroad it is necessary to know the following details:

  • Make sure that the products are not prohibited from transport, because you risk being rejected at the border. How do you find out? A simple search on Google with the phrase, for example, “Prohibited goods in Switzerland” will help you gain the information you need.
  • Pallets must be loaded correctly, as this prevents damage or possible delays.
  • Wrap them with enough packing material to prevent the pallets from falling or getting lost.
  •  Do you have all the necessary documentation to cross the border? That means having invoices, compliance with international trade terms: Incoterms.

Read more about how you can ensure that you comply with all requirements for sending pallets abroad .                                                                                                                                                                                        Do you need the next day pallet delivery service in Sheffield?

We know how important it is to meet deadlines as the customers experience and satisfaction with your services depends on it. Van-247 can help you with the next day pallet delivery service in Sheffield. We deliver your pallets the next day. Learn more about how to deliver your pallets to their destination in the shortest possible time.

Materials from which the pallets must be made

Solid wood pallets such as boxes, crates, barrels, box pallets and various loading platforms are accepted. Instead, processed packaging, such as plywood pallets, boxes made of processed wood, sawdust, etc., is prohibited.
Here are more details on the requirements for transporting your goods. It is important to know that these requirements are relative to what you do: import or export. It is also very important to respect the rules of pallet delivery in Aylesbury, because otherwise you risk rejection or destruction of your packages.

Van 247 Delivery is here for you if you need pallet delivery in Sheffield. We are prompt, friendly and professional.

The satisfaction of your customers depends on all the details of the business you run. That’s why you need to make sure that you put soul and quality into every service, including the delivery of your products. We, the Van 247 Delivery team, are committed to delivering your pallets under the best conditions.
Complete the form with all the information about the pallet delivery service in Sheffield and we will get back to you with the most advantageous and personalized offer you need. Do you need us to transport your pallets safely to their destination? So, don’t hesitate, contact us! What you can do today is the most important!

Prices starting from £61

Smooth palet delivery in 5 simple steps

Read what our clients say about us!


If the order is made on the same day between 1 and 3 hours from the moment of registration of the order, if the order is made long before, the date and time interval established will be maintained.

All types of credit or debit cards are accepted. Payment is made only through a payment link provided by the Van-247 team. Payment must be made at least 4 days before the service is performed.

Before 48 hours from the set date, no cost is applied. 24 hours before the scheduled date, 25% of the service amount is applied, and if the service is canceled on the scheduled day, 100% of the service value is applied

Up to one hour is free, what exceeds one hour is calculated at £24/man/hour including the first hour. Maximum 3 hours, after which the job is canceled and the full amount determined later is paid without waiting time costs.

The price calculation formulas for the services provided are:

  • For the Pallet transport service, the calculation formula consists of pallet weight, number and size of pallets, distance.

Van-247 carries both Good in transit and Liability Removals insurance with a value of up to £50,000. These values can be modified according to the customer’s request.

Van-247 solved the same frequently encountered problem. There are storages where items can be left for the duration requested by the customer.

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