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Delivery Pallet, Ship Using Pallets or Multiple Packages?

Delivery Pallet, Ship Using Pallets or Multiple Packages?

Delivery Pallet, Ship Using Pallets or Multiple Packages?

Delivery Pallet, do you know when to ship using pallets versus multiple packages? We will guide you. When it comes to shipping goods (internationally or domestically) not all items can be packed in the same way. The type of packing is decided, depending on the product. Some might need standard packing, while some products may need pallet packing.

Choosing the correct packing method

In order to choose the correct packing method, you will need to consider the size, weight, and number of your shipments. Although pallet couriers are more expensive (as opposed to a single parcel) once you have more packages to send, it may actually work out cheaper to place them on a pallet courier rather than sending a number of parcels separately.

We, at Van-247delivery Pallet Delivery Service, have created this ‘quick-read’ blog, breaking down these two shipping methods in order for you to better decide between Parcels or Pallets when packing your goods.

The Van-247delivery Pallet UK Comparison Between Using Pallets or Multiple Packages:

Delivery Pallet
Van-247delivery’s Guide to Using Pallets or Multiple Parcels

Standard Parcel Shipping

Parcels are smaller, lightweight shipments that weigh under 23 kg and can be lifted without any assistance. They are labeled and shipped individually, and usually come in boxes with internal protective material (bubble wrap or styrofoam).

When to Use Parcels For Shipping:

  • Parcel shipping is the right choice if you’re shipping single, smaller items (under 23kgs) to individual customers.
  • When sending multiple packages (with different addresses) you should ship them separately instead of palleting them.

The Benefits of Parcel Shipping:

  • Parcels are easier to track than pallets.
  • Parcel trucks have a daily-calculated route that rarely changes, which makes parcel shipping a better option for time-sensitive deliveries.
  • As parcels are smaller and can be easily handled, they take less time to load and unload.

Pallet Shipment

Also known as LTL (less than truckload) shipping.

Pallets are plane (flat) structures used for supporting larger, heavier, or oddly shaped goods during their pallet deliveries or shipments.

When to Use Pallet Deliveries UK?

When you have multiple packages to send, consider shipping a pallet instead of individual parcels. This way you won’t have to pay for each individual parcel but rather the pallet as a whole. Van-247delivery pallet service is ready to assist you in any way or form.

Pallet shipping UK is also a better choice for freight that is:

  • Large & Bulky.
  • Uniquely shaped.
  • Heavier than 23 kg.

The Benefits of Shipping Pallet:

  • Safely packaged pallets are secure, stable, and easier to load.
  • Pallets are further wrapped in a protective plastic film.
  • Palletised shipments do not get damaged, lost, or delayed easily.

(They go through less manual handling at checkpoints and are moved using only a forklift)

Preparing Pallet For Shipping:

Preparing a pallet to ship involves more than just packing your items into cardboard boxes.

When choosing a pallet for your shipment (yes, there are various types of pallets) you will need to choose one that is made of sturdy wood or durable plastic that can hold up the weight of your shipment as well as any freight that may be stacked on top of it. Your pallet should also be large enough to prevent any overhang.

Looking for more information about pallet shipping? Check out our blog: Delivery pallets, The Process

Van-247 has made pallet delivery easy for you as a business owner.

Making smart choices can help you save on costs while providing your customers with the best possible service. Thus, reliable delivery pallet and parcel delivery times, as well as checking that your items are in tip-top shape. Therefore, choose the mode of transport that will achieve the best results in the long run. Choose the pallet that best suits your product, and secures your items to ensure peace of mind.

What is the cost of pallet delivery?

Would you like us to send a pallet? In conclusion, head over to our UK pallet delivery Help Centre on our Van-247delivery website!

Feel free to contact Van-247delivery for parcel or pallet quotes at +44 20 8146 0100 and chat with a shipping specialist, we’re here to simplify the shipping process for you.

You can also fill out a form at pallet transport

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