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Delivery, Some Guidelines

Delivery, Some Guidelines

Pallet delivery, some guidelines

Pallet delivery, are you thinking of using pallets? Do you know where to get them from? Well, look no further. Van-247 has the solution for UK pallet delivery. Previously we looked at, where to find pallets to why should I ship with pallets. First, let’s recap.

How do I get ?

Did you know that in 2017, there were 250 million pallets in circulation in the UK? The question is where can you find them? You can pick up cheap pallets (even some for free) at industrial estates, supermarkets, or construction sites. Companies like Universal Pallets and even Gumtree sell pallets over the internet and can be “pallet delivery Companies”.

*Important tip:

Be careful not to pick up toxic pallets such as ones coated with methyl bromide. It is extremely toxic. So, check for a MB label before you purchase your pallet for shipping.

Have you ever seen a blue pallet in your search? These are called CHEP pallets. Depending on which delivery service or network you use, you may or may not be able to ship CHEP pallets. So, it’s best to check, until delivery pallets.

What are plastic pallets and answer from pallet delivery companies?

Plastic pallets are a fairly new addition to the pallet family. Instead of wood, they’re moulded out of plastic. They are a lot lighter than their wooden counterpart. They are also resilient to pests and rot (since they are plastic.

Plastic pallets are also available in the same types as original, wooden pallets. Keep in mind that some pallet delivery company and networks may refuse to ship plastic pallets. Amazon is one of them.

Why should I use pallets for shipping?

Did you know that pallets are a very affordable way to ship? Just because of their large structure people seem to think that they are expensive. Remember if you have a large number of goods to ship, pallets may be the way forward!

Pallets are quickly becoming the main way to ship freight in many industries. They can take a load of up to 2 tons of freight.

What is the maximum height to pack a pallet?

When packing your pallets, it’s really important to know the maximum size limits. Otherwise, your pallet may risk getting rejected or may even incur extra costs.

The maximum dimensions for your pallet may depend on the network or carrier you use. If you’re using Van-247 to ship your goods, our maximum height limits are available here.

  • 60cm for micro and quarter pallet
  • 1 meter for half pallets
  • 2 meters for full and oversized pallets

What is the best way to stack a pallet?

Your goods can get damaged if you don’t stack them correctly. Thus, make sure to inspect your pallet thoroughly beforehand. Look out for cracks.

Put the heaviest items at the bottom. This will provide a super-strong base and will prevent any lighter, more fragile items from being crushed. Plan before you stack, you don’t want to be halfway through stacking and realise you need to re-stack everything again!

*Important tip:

If you’re stacking the same-sized boxes, it’s best to use a column-stacking method, or an interlocking method if you’re shipping boxes of different sizes. If your goods look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’ve stacked them too high.

How do I send a pallet overseas?

A couple of things you need to know before sending a pallet overseas:

  • Ensure your goods are not restricted; sending restricted goods is a surefire way of them getting rejected at the border. Since every country will have different restrictions, it’s best to check before you send. A quick Google search should do the trick, i.e., “Restricted goods in Germany”.
  • Make sure your pallets are loaded correctly; ensuring your goods are correctly loaded will reduce the risk of damage and potential delays during the shipping process.
  • Wrap your pallets liberally; there’s no such thing as too much packing material in logistics. Properly securing your goods will greatly reduce the risk of your pallets becoming loose and falling off.
  • Make sure you have the correct documentation; when shipping internationally, you’ll need certain documentation to get past customs. These include a commercial invoice and Incoterms.


Hopefully, our blog has given you an insight into where to find your pallets, as well as some handy tips on safe pallet shipping.

Van-247 Pallet Delivery

Why not use Van-247 to ship your goods? Get a free quote with one of the UK’s most reliable pallet delivery services! Our friendly, experienced team is here to help you. Van-247 forms part of pallet delivery companies that will ensure your goods receive our full attention and care. From the moment of pickup to the moment of delivery we have you covered. Pallet transport services can be reached via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Is the amount of information not enough? the pallet courier team has prepared a fabulous article for you with a lot of useful information: Delivery pallets, The Process

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