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Movers Home Tips on Storing Books

Movers Home Tips on Storing Books

Movers Home Tips on Storing Books

Movers Home, do you know how to store books? However, often, improperly packed and stored books are the main reason for damaged books. Van-247delivery removal company has covered quite a number of home moving packing tips and advice before. Book storage, however, is a whole different ball game.

The best way to store books is to pack them specifically for a home removal storage facility. It’s up to you whether you use your own storage or book a professional house movers storage service. Storage is usually required when you need to free space in your home, but there isn’t any other place where you can store your belongings.

For the short-term storage of your books, follow these house removalists packing tips:

  • Pack the books.

    Choose the most suitable house moves packing materials and cardboard boxes for book storage. Paperbacks are best stored when packed in boxes.

  • Consider the duration of the storage period.

    This is very important because the longer books are stored, the more exposed to the environment they become. Humidity and pests destroy books that have been stored for a long period of time without any regular observation of their condition.

  • Evaluate the risk for rodent issues. 

    If the storage facility is in a basement, then there is a high risk of rats entering the storage and chewing on the books’ pages. Rats have ever-growing incisors and to control their length, they need to chew on something. It’s a fact that rats are able to destroy almost any type of hard material. When choosing a container, make sure it is resistant to rat teeth.

  • Provide additional support. 

    If you use the services of a removal house, your boxes with books will be stored in a storage container, which is usually a personal one. However, if it’s a shared storage unit, some other items might be put on top of your boxes. This may put a significant amount of pressure on top that may damage your books. Fill any free space with padding material or use a more solid box. It’s best if it’s made of plastic or metal, especially if you’re unsure about the house removal or service provider’s storage techniques and practices.

  • Apply the “spine down” rule. 

    Always pack your books with the spine down, when you’re dealing with a large number of books that cannot be stacked otherwise. This technique is known as spine shelving. If you put them in correctly with the pages facing the bottom, they may bend due to insufficient support.

  • Determine the size of the storage container. 

    When hiring a storage company for a long-term storage service, always enquire about the size of their storage containers. At Van-247delivery House Moving Removals, we recommend using containers of the following dimension: 2.10 x 1.80 x 2.30 (length, width, and height in metres). When storing books, you can use smaller containers, though.

Before we do the international moving and storage services, we always ask the customers if they need help with packing. If they do, we send a team of house removals UK packers to quickly do this tedious task for them and then the home removals specialists proceed with the loading and transporting of the items to the storage facility.

How to Pack Books for Long-Term Storage?

Long-Term storage is when you store your items for longer than 6 months and have no access to your belongings during this period. CCTV cameras usually monitor your items, providing complete video control for your boxes.

Boxes stored for a long period of time sustain a significant amount of depreciation as they may become exposed to various threats, such as humidity.

To properly preserve your house for removal boxes during a long-term storage period, follow this advice:

  • Don’t store boxes on a concrete floor.
  • Keep them off the ground to prevent water intrusion. Cardboard removals house boxes will absorb moisture if left directly on the floor.
  • Distribute the books in several moving boxes.
  • This way, they will be easier to load and transport to the storage facility.
  • Avoid using home move company boxes with handle holes when storing books in basements or attics. Those holes usually serve as entry points for rodents. Don’t worry about this if a moving company is providing your storage. They will make sure that the storage container is perfectly sealed from rodents.
  • Ensure protection from silverfish. Talk to a pest control specialist who can give you more information on how to protect your moving boxes and books inside the storage from pests such as silverfish and other insects. You can also check this guide on how to protect books from silverfish in your home library.

Note: Tight plastic containers are not a solution against silverfish as the lack of air will cause condensation, leading to moisture generation. During long-term storage, always ensure solid containers have tiny gaps or punctures as a countermeasure against condensation.

“Don’t pack all of your books! Make sure you leave out a few options to read just before and after your move, especially if you’ll be without your full library for any length of time. Put these books in the same box you put all of your other “emergency” supplies like contact information, medication, and cell phone chargers. Being without a good book would be a disaster.”

Choosing the Best Movers Home Storage Boxes for Books

Before booking a storage company, make sure you have the right moving boxes to store the books. Most house moving companies offer a wide range of boxes of different dimensions. With Fantastic Removals, you can choose between medium, large, and wardrobe moving boxes, depending on your unique needs and preferences.

The medium moving boxes have exact dimensions of 355 x 355 x 355 mm, while the large ones are about 30% larger – 457 x 457 x 457 mm. Both types are suitable for packing your books before a move. You can also use moving boxes to ship books. And it’s always a good idea to keep spare moving boxes, as you may need them at a later date

Movers Home Storage Tips, In conclusion

You can do a lot to protect your cherished books during your relocation process. Invest in quality packing materials. Your choice will vary depending on whether you will unpack your books directly when you arrive at your new home or plan on storing them for a while. Choose containers that will protect your years’ old book collection from moisture, bad weather, hungry pests, etc.

Repay your books for all the great adventures they’ve taken you on by going the extra mile to make sure they make it safely through the movers home.

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