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Move in Company, Packing Antique Books

Move in Company, Packing Antique Books

Move in Company, Packing Antique Books

Move in Company, do you know how to pack antique books? Antique books are sensitive pieces. Not only because they are susceptible to damage, but also because of their very nature. As you know, these are not your ordinary books. The value of antique books goes beyond the content they hold inside, you see, but as limited as a copy may be, that value hinges a lot on the condition of the book. This is another way of saying when it comes to moving, antique books, like fine art, particularly need special attention.

Van-247 Move House Company has covered several packing tips and advice before. Antique books, however, are a whole different story.

Packing Antique Books for home moving

Antique books are tricky when it comes to packing them properly. The value of an old or rare paperback edition increases over time. So, needless to say, a damaged antique book will lose most of its value instantly, no matter how much older it gets. Once damaged, it will never regain its maximum value. Even if it is professionally restored by an expert, it will still have visible marks from the restoration process, and a true collector will notice it.

If you’re hiring the services of a professional house removal company to do the packing for you, then the moving company should be well-versed in the art of packing and moving books.

Take some additional security measures when packing antique paperbacks, regardless of whether you will store or ship them to an address. Non-concerned parties should have zero access to the content inside the box. The last thing you need is to take legal action (a lengthy and complex process) because someone managed to tamper with the box and damage your antique books. Make sure in advance that you can trust your moving service. Look at the removals house reviews and speak to their previous customers.

The best type of house move box for antique books?

Books carry some weight, so it’s not advisable to put them in one big box. Instead, the better strategy would be to opt for small boxes (or suitcases with wheels).

As to the exact type of box, triple-walled boxes make for a good choice in place of wooden boxes, but double-walled ones should work fine if you’d rather not spend a fortune on the boxes.

The boxes should have fluted sides, and if you can get C-fluted boxes, you’ll be laughing. Removals Companies that specialise in the packing of antique books will be able to supply these boxes.

Labeling boxes

If necessary, label the box and provide additional information that extra care should be taken in case someone at the customs department decides to check the package. This way, the customs officers will be more careful if they decide to unveil the box’s content.

Follow these tips for taking proper care of antique books during packing:

*Any house moving company that specialise in packing antique books follows these rules

  • Clean your hands perfectly before interacting with any antique books.
  • Using gloves is also a good idea if you want to avoid leaving fingerprints on the covers.
  • Keep food, drinks, and other liquids away from the antique editions during the packing.
  • Remove any bookmarks. They may react with the paper during storage or shipping and leave marks on the pages.
  • Leave slight gaps for better air circulation to prevent condensation.
  • Minimize exposure to light. The darker the container is, the less chance of light permeating through the surface.

Tips During Storage of Antique Books

*Ask your move company to supply you with information on secure storage facilities near you

  • Keep away from heaters and ventilation outlets.
  • Clean and dust the place and the shelves regularly.
  • Keep the books from getting their covers and pages filled with dust or other microscopic abrasive particles.
  • Ensure to take preventative measures against rodents and insects.
  • Avoid slipcases as they don’t provide proper support for the book spine.
  • Books wider than 8 cm and taller than 50 cm are best packed flat inside the box.
  • Avoid stacking more than 3 books. Avoid storage areas where the air is too dry. This may cause the paper to become brittle and make the leather bindings dry, which will lead to the formation of cracks.

By following the Move Companies tips above, you will preserve the mint condition of your antique books and ensure a steady increase in their value each year. After all, the book’s saleability depends on its perfect condition.

Get a Professional Moving House Company Service

Are you hiring the services of a professional house removal company to do the packing for you? Then make sure that the mover’s moving services are well-versed in the art of packing and moving books.

However, it never hurts to have them walk you through their procedure, considering antique books are not something you want to gamble with by entrusting them in the hands of everyone who knocks on your front door.

Having confidence in the mover’s ability to get the job done should give you some much-needed peace of mind, knowing your precious items are in safe hands.

If you’re planning to go DIY with your packing, the above tips will help you to minimize the likelihood of damage to your antique books.

House of Removal, in conclusion

You can do a lot to protect your cherished books during your relocation process. Invest in quality packing materials. Your choice will vary depending on whether you will unpack your books directly when you arrive at your new home or plan on storing them for a while. Choose containers that will protect your years’ old book collection from moisture, bad weather, hungry pests, etc.

Repay your books for all the great adventures they’ve taken you on by going the extra mile to make sure they make it safely through the house move.

Local Removal Companies, Who to Trust?

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