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Keeping your Sanity

Keeping your Sanity

Office Removal, Keeping your Sanity

Office Removal, have you got a how-to guide for a stress-free office relocation? At Van-247 we decided to help you keep your sanity throughout the move.

We engaged our movers and drivers in the thought process. They supplied us with useful suggestions to consider and many that we all agreed upon. Here is the final list of things we recommend when relocating your office, without succumbing to the immense pressure and stress it can so easily create.

Start as early as possible! Months in advance if feasible. Break tasks into workable chunks at varying stages of the process, starting with:

4 to 6 months before office removal day, keeping your sanity

  • Review your current rental agreement

    • Are you liable for any damage to the premises during the move?
    • An expert office removal company like Van-247 will have some excellent suggestions in this regard.

So, now would be a good time to:

  • Speak to your office removal company

It is good practice to select and involve your office removal team as far ahead of time as possible. If there are heavy, bulky items to move then the company needs preparation time. They will assemble a larger crew and any specialist equipment required.

    • Bring attention to fragile items or those that require special treatment.

Any movers worth their salt will ask you about these things when preparing to tender a quotation. At Van-247 we certainly would.

  • Make inquiries about insurance

  • Finalise your budget

Costs can run rampant if you do not have at least a rough idea of how much your relocation is going to cost.

    • Reputable office removal professionals will honour their quotation prices if no changes are made.

At least you can account for that cost beforehand, even if some others are harder to pin down.

  • Assign a moving team
    • Decide which people will take direct responsibility for aspects of the relocation.

Ensure they are fully aware of their roles and your expectations.

3 to 4 months before office removals day, keeping your sanity:

  • Lock in your relocation date

Share the finalised details of the move with parties that need to be informed.

  • Create a detailed moving plan

Put even the smallest details of your move in writing. Some things to consider might be:

    • Key individuals and their assigned roles
    • Timeline of events.

Weekly, then daily as the time draws near. Finally, by the hour on your moving day.

    • Essential tasks.

Everything from phone installation to parking permits should be considered and recorded.

  • Officially notify all your employees and other affected parties about the relocation

Everybody has surely heard about the move by now. But it’s good to give an official announcement for professional and legal purposes.

Try to consider the impact of your move on others.

    • Neighbours and valued suppliers
    • Gardeners, cleaners, catering staff
    • Building management

Inform them of all the relocation plans and discuss any changes moving forward.

6-8 weeks before office removal day, keeping your sanity:

  • Work on your new floor plan

Focus on practical, immovable elements such as power sockets and how they will affect the placement of objects.

  • Arrange any necessary installations

Electricity, phone lines, internet, and so on

  • Ask employees for a list of items

    • Things like keys and any security passes they have.

Review them and assess which items need to be returned, and to where/whom.

  • Find offsite storage

It might be advantageous to have a holding place where some items can go first if necessary. It’s no good filling floor space with boxes of files if you haven’t put the desks and filing cabinets in place yet.

One months before office removal day:

  • Label and tag office items

    • Take lots of pictures

You will need them if items are lost or damaged.

  • Gather moving supplies

Hopefully, almost all your staff members do their part in helping things run smoothly when the time comes, even just packing away the contents of their desks. If so, provide the supplies they need.

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Packing tape
    • Labelling materials

Be sure the contents of each box are recorded on the outside

Two weeks before office removal day:

  • Finalise plans with your removals team

    • Share your detailed itinerary with them.
  • Designate any equipment that will not make the trip

    • Some things just aren’t worth carrying

Identify them and plan for their disposal.

One week before office removal day:

  • Inspect the new space again

    • If possible, ensure that any promised tasks have been completed and it is fit to inhabit
  • Review your schedule

    • Ask for advice on spotting anything you’ve overlooked
  • Collect padding and packing materials

    • The more you protect valuable items, the more likely they are to survive the move

One day:

  • Finish packing and labeling.
  • Gather any staff parking passes, security cards, and keys. Return them.
  • Double-check with all the utility companies that your new location will have service the next day

On  day:

  • Follow the plan systematically, keeping your sanity

    • Trust your moving company to get the job done and try not to let the stress become overwhelming.

You’ve done so much pre-move planning by now that there should be very little left to do except oversee the process.

  • Walk through the vacated office and take photographs

    • Report any damage to the landlord
  • Work as a team unpacking everything

    • The more the merrier


So, that was a how-to guide for a stress-free office relocation based on the suggestions and recommendations of our Van-247 transport boffins and professional office removals experts.

Notice how the tasks diminish as time passes? That’s the whole point. If you do nothing else from this list at least start early.

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We hope you will consider contacting Van-247 for your own office removal company. We are widely considered one of the UK’s most reliable removalists. You will receive only the highest-quality service from us at incredibly affordable prices.

We pride ourselves on the experience and professionalism of our moving specialists. They will efficiently, expertly coordinate, and execute your office relocation, communicating fully with you at every step of the process and always listening to your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns.

Get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members. You will not be disappointed with the personal touch and incredible customer service you will receive.

Book your Office Furniture Removals with Van-247, whether you are expanding or just changing locations. Keep the above tips in mind when searching for an office removal company like Van-247.

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