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Office Removals in London, Tips to keep in mind

Office Removals in London, Tips to keep in mind

Office Removals in London, Tips to keep in mind

Office Removals in London, whether you are expanding or just changing locations, what are the best tips to grow your business?

Van-247 office removal service has been assisting companies small and large in moving from one office to the next one. Let’s start with a plan. At Van-247 we will help you to set your removal plan realistically. We take pride in ensuring great services for our clients.

Bring in the experts

Van-247 understands that moving offices, is easier said than done. Business is always evolving! London is the epicentre of business in the UK. As an office furniture removals company, we will undoubtedly present you with different circumstances when relocating. Not only can traffic be a nightmare during peak times, and even during the weekend, but demand can be excessive when it comes to the best removal companies.

The most important part of organising an office move is to give yourself PLENTY of time!

What will Van-247 do in the Office Removals job?

Between our office removal surveyors and office removals in London team, we will manage the whole office removal project whatever the particular circumstances may be. Our expertly trained and friendly team are dedicated to tailoring an office move specific to your needs.

Van-247 tips on moving an office with the Office Removals team

  • Planning and Forethought

Planning and forethought will ensure a smooth move but will also help your business to keep running without any unnecessary delays. Van-247 recommends that you need to begin planning at least 12 weeks in advance. Keep in mind the complexity of your IT systems, the size of your office and the amount of furniture you need to move. Create a list of tasks, the date they need to be carried out and by whom.

  • IT Infrastructure Migration

Most companies rely on IT. As such, you will need to consider carefully exactly what you will need to have up and running at your new location. You need to think in terms of electrical outlets, broadband and equipment. Some of your employees might need to work remotely until everything is completely ready.

  • Prepare your Team

Let your employees know in advance so they will feel prepared for the big day. Your team needs time to prepare themselves along with starting to organise their belongings. Adopt a ‘business-as-usual approach to maintain productivity. Clearly delegate responsibilities to your staff.

  • Timing

Generally speaking, it is best to move offices in big cities like London during the weekend in order to avoid scheduling conflicts (as well as rush-hour traffic). Removers are often busier these days, so be sure to make your booking far in advance. Larger, more valuable items may need to be transported before others.

  • Packaging and Labelling Furniture

A professional office removal company, like Van-247, will be able to provide packaging, along with the padding necessary to keep your office equipment safe and secure. Make sure that all furniture is appropriately labelled to correspond with its intended location. Boxes should also be labelled to indicate their contents. Colour coding your labels for each office helps to easily locate items. Remember to include the dimensions and weight of your furniture. This will help us to provide the best packaging and vehicles for the job. Amazon is a good supplier of packaging materials.

Before you move anything, have a look at the new floor plan. Where is everything going to go? Will it fit? Did you check the number of power points?

  • Insurance

We offer a free basic compensation cover up to £50 000 for fire & theft (in accordance with our Terms and Conditions). So, you can get your office moved at a moment’s notice with complete peace of mind.

Remember to update your details. Make sure that all your current clients know you are moving premises. Get your business cards, website and social media profiles updated. In the mid of the chaos of moving, it can easily be overlooked.

Book your office removals in London with Van-247, whether you are expanding or just changing locations. Keep the above tips in mind when searching for an office removal company like Van-247.

Van-247delivery delivers excellent house removal, office removal, and pallet transport services. We can be reached via  LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Is the amount of information not enough? The office relocation companies  team has prepared a fabulous article with a lot of useful information: Office Removals London Moving Treads

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