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Pallet deliveries, Safety Standards

Pallet deliveries, Safety Standards

Pallet deliveries, Safety Standards

Pallet deliveries, safety standards are extremely important when using pallets. Pallets can pose a significant risk if not used properly.

Pallet Delivery Accident Statistics

According to iGPS an employee sustained fatal injuries when pinned between a large pallet and a positioning table on 8 April 2020. In May 2019, an employee was killed in a walk-in storage freezer when he was struck by a pallet. A similar incident occurred in February 2019 when a pallet delivery fell off the rack onto an employee and fractured his back and neck.

Raport incident

Each of these Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) accident reports highlights the role pallets can play in warehouse injuries. Pallets enable warehouse workers to lift heavy loads with mechanical equipment. They can also compromise employee safety when objects shift in pallet transport or heavy machinery fails.

Pallet transport accidents can be minimized by teaching employees tips on pallet use. Additionally, warehouse managers can consider alternatives to wood pallets to prevent injuries and protect equipment.

Safety Pallet deliveries Standards to Consider with Pallet Transport

To avoid the risk of injuries, it is vital to adhere to these safety considerations for pallet deliveries:

  • Always use protective equipment when handling pallets. It is vital to have personal protective equipment such as safety gloves and shoes to protect yourself.
  • A pallet should never be used as a man lift. While pallets are designed to hold considerable weight, their efficiency is based on proper weight distribution. Thus, you must never use these wooden structures as a man lift. Your weight will not be evenly distributed across its surface, leading to potential damages and injuries.
  • Do not stand on empty pallets. An empty pallet deliveries is very unstable. Especially when you stand on its edges, as it can easily tip over and harm you.
  • Avoid over-stacking pallets. Whether using a forklift truck or stacking pallets manually. It is of utmost importance to limit the heights to ensure they do not topple over.
  • Be extra cautious when lifting pallets. A pallet transport can be quite heavy. You need to be careful when lifting them to avoid straining yourself. Always adhere to standard workplace safety and manual handling best practices when working with pallets and material-handling goods.

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