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Piano move, from Measuring to Antiques

Piano move, from Measuring to Antiques

Piano move, from Measuring to Antiques

Piano move, do you have a piano that needs moving? If yes, is pleasure to look at our article. Have you measured your doorways and piano? In our previous blog, we shared tips on how to prepare and move a piano. Now we focus on how to measure doorways and the piano itself, is important? We threw in a couple of tips on Antique Piano Transport. Let’s jump in.

Way to see the measures Doorway, it’s important?

  • How do you get the dimensions of your doorways? You simply measure the inside from top to bottom (the height of the doorway).
  • is important to make the with? Then secondly you measure from left to right to get the width. Remember to take your measurements from the inside of the doorframe.
  • The width of the hallways is important? The same method can be used to measure hallways.
  • Remember to take into consideration the turning angle needed to get into the doorway if from a narrow hallway.

Measurement technique an upright piano, you know?

  • How do we get the height of the piano? Measure from the floor to the top of the lid to get the height measurement.
  • We want to see the length of the piano? The length can be measured along the entire length of the rear of the piano.
  • How do we get the width for piano? The width of the piano should be measured from the rear wall to the front of the keyboard.
  • Do we have to take into account the thickness of the blanket? Yes, even if it is 1 cm.
  • Important Tip: Remember to include the height of the dolly if you have low doorways.

How to measure a grand piano?

  • The legs of grand pianos are removable? So, you don’t have to include them in your measurements.
  • Measuring the width? It can be determined by measuring the length of the keyboard
  • Measure the longest side of the piano from front to back to get the length? Yes.
  • There is something else to ask? Again, remember to include the height of the piano moving dolly in your calculations.
  • What thickness do we add? The thickness of the blanket.

Advice when Moving Antique Pianos

In a word? Don’t

Due to their fragility, high value, and emotional attachment, the risks involved in moving antique pianos are far too high.

Always seek a professional, specialised piano removal service? One of the options can be Van-247, if you think it meets all your requests.

Where is the best place ?

  • You should carefully think this through. If you intend to place your piano in your new home and it’s exposed to heat for some reason, your piano will become dried out. Excessive heat will cause the piano to be untannable.
  • First Floor is a good idea to instal the piano? Apart from the physical trauma of moving a piano upstairs, it is not a good idea to place a piano upstairs. Why? because as heat rises it can damage your piano.
  • Can i put the piano everywhere? Never place a piano in a sunroom, conservatory, cellar, garage, shed, kitchen, or in front of a working radiator.
  • Where is best position in the house? Ideally, it should be placed in a position that is out of direct sunlight, with a stable room temperature.


Did the above details help you? Sometimes they seem like small things, but they make the performance of a move a piano Fazioli job more efficient, if is not enough we recommend that you read Transporting a piano in musical steps it as a measure of insurance for you. Will it help you to create a plan for the output of a musical instrument? Yes. I think so, once you have the dimensions and an assembly vision, you can draw your piano score.

Can there be someone who can tell you everything about the secrets of a job? No. You learn them by practicing every day. Then you can share them with others.

Get Help with the Best Way to Move a Piano in the UK

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How to communicate or add details that are missing? If we have missed something, we expect you to leave us appreciations or comments both on the blog and on social media channels, we would be happy.

Was the knowledge base enough? I’m sure not. There is always room for more. So our speaker has prepared an extensive article where you can get more knowledge. Transporting a Piano in musical steps

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