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Transport a Piano Common Mistakes

Transport a Piano Common Mistakes

 Transport a piano, common mistakes

Transport a piano, what are the most common mistakes people make when transporting a piano? Transporting a piano can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

Cutting corners on proper piano transport equipment

This job can be expensive. However, cutting corners regarding equipment can be more expensive in the long run. You want to ensure you have a four-wheel dolly that is large enough for your piano, a piano board, and plenty of tie-downs. If you don’t have these materials at home, you don’t have to buy them. Instead, rent them from a moving company.

Relying on the piano casters

If you just need to adjust your piano by a few inches, the piano casters (wheels) make it easy. However, if you need to roll a piano through your house, don’t rely on the piano wheels to get you there. You need to use a dolly or risk breaking off the wheels on the piano.

Not asking for help when you need it

If the load is more than you can carry, don’t hesitate to call in professional piano movers, like Van-247. It may be more expensive up front, but it is well worth it if you prevent injury to the piano (or yourself). Licensed piano movers can move pianos properly and have the proper equipment.

Not bringing enough  packing materials

When you head out the door to pick up your piano, ensure enough padding, tape, bubble wrap, and tie-down straps. When you invest in an item as expensive as a piano, it’s better to be overprepared than underprepared with the piano transport.

Lifting the piano by its legs

Piano legs are less sturdy than they look. When you start the job , you want to lift it with your legs, not with the piano’s legs. They can easily break under the piano’s weight if you put too much pressure on them.

Not taking care of yourself

Make sure you don’t injure yourself (or anyone else) as you move a piano. Bring enough piano transport moving buddies to bear the load. You may also want to use a back brace for extra support. Bend your knees as you lift. And, make sure the piano is properly strapped down, so it doesn’t fall on anyone.

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