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Right Move House Prices

Right Move House Prices

Right Move House Prices For The UK

Right move house prices, in today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly on the move. As a result, people often relocate or move houses. The thought of furniture storage and removal costs can be overwhelming. First, there is the cost of removals and transportation to consider. Cheap moving companies are not always the best option. However, do you want to save money? Then, doing your research is imperative to get the very best deal for your budget. Therefore, you’ll also need to be aware of average removal and storage costs within the UK.

In this Van-247delivery blog, we provide information on what home shift services charge entails to help you understand the cost for house shifting.

House Removals Costs

In 2023, the average house for removals company costs for a 3-bedroom house travelling 50 miles are £806. It will cost £1,181 with packing and furniture dismantling services added. This cost is based on the distance travelled, the volume of items, loading and unloading, packing services and dismantling and reassembly. If you don’t require all these then you’ll pay much less.

There are certain aspects to take into consideration when estimating the full cost:

  • The distance to move – depending on the size of your home and on how far you’re travelling you can expect to spend around £356 to £500 for a one-bedroom home travelling between 50 and 150 miles, a 2-bedroom home is £576 to £700, a 3-bedroom home is around £806 to £920 and a 4-bedroom home is priced between £1056 and £1170 for transporting goods between 50 and 150 miles. If you have a 5-bedroom property, expect charges between £1350 and £1470. Prices are based on a vehicle moving at an average speed of 60 mph.
  • The volume of Items – The more items you’re taking with you, the higher the quote will be. Always check with your furniture removable company about what services they offer before agreeing.
  • Packing services – the price for packing will depend on the number of goods you wish to transport to your new property. The cost of packing a 3-bedroom home is £250 which comprises 30 cardboard boxes, packing materials and labour. For home packing and moving companies, contact Van-247delivery for our packing prices.
  • Dismantling and reassembly furniture – if you require your belongings dismantling and reassembled after transportation, you should expect to be charged around £125 upwards.
  • Cleaning – do you want your items cleaned before being taken to storage or after transportation? What do cleaning services cost? Well, around £15 to £20 per hour.
  • Location – long distance house removal costs are different for obvious reasons for example extra toll fees. House removals in big cities will cost more than in smaller towns. You can expect to pay more for your move the closer to London you get.

Are There Any Additional Costs To Factor Into House Furniture Removals?

For the removal of house, there are sometimes a few additional costs to consider. Extra fees may be added for moving abroad, especially if there are toll roads or ferries to take into account. There may also be charges for the packing of fragile or breakable items, third-party services, such as plumbers to disconnect washing machines, parking charges if there are restrictions to entering a property, cancellation charges and late key charges if you don’t have access to your new building.

Where do you find a removal company?

With this Van-247delivery handy guide to houseshifting costs, you can go ahead and receive quotes from removal firms. Then determine if they are adequately priced for your requirements. Remember, it’s a good idea to know the exact services you require. By making a list of all your needs, you can obtain an exact quotation, enabling you to know if it’s within your budget or not.

We Offer a Complete House Removals Packing Service for Competitive Prices

Do you need assistance from a professional removals and storage service? As a storage and removers company with several years of experience, we understand how to pack, move and store fragile items, heavy goods, and even bulky furniture without causing damage. What’s more, we’ll give you a comprehensive quote covering all the services you require upfront. So, no hidden extra fees in the right move. Whatever you need, we are here to lend a helping hand. Therefore, get your free quote now.

In Conclusion

Do you need a house prices right move quote?

Contact Van-247delivery UK and London movers through our online form for a quote for removals by giving us a call at +44 (0) 2045523383. Therefore, from small moves to large moves, we are your expert moving company. For Rightmove UK, please, contact us at +44 (0) 2045523383 or directly by filling out the form at: furniture removals

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