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UK Furniture Delivery, The Easiest Way To Move Artwork

UK Furniture Delivery, The Easiest Way To Move Artwork

UK Furniture Delivery, The Easiest Way To Move Artwork

UK Furniture Delivery, what is the easiest way to move artwork when you are moving home? How do you move your artwork safely? The easiest way to move artwork when you are relocating home is to call a professional large item courier service, like Van-247delivery, and book your move. We will pack your valuables, pick up furniture and deliver them carefully to your new address. But we know that a lot of people feel nervous about entrusting their artwork to someone else. Such fragile things may be your artwork, mirrors, and other collectibles, which are very special to you.

These items usually represent an investment and are valued not only for their value but because of the beauty they bring to your home. It is important to take proper care of them and prepare them for their UK courier service large item transit. If they are packed carefully and properly, you can avoid finding shattered glass when you arrive at your new home. This is why we decided to prepare a list of recommended steps that will help you to prepare your artwork for delivery for large items.

Valuable artwork and glass pieces like mirrors and pictures need special care when moving to a new place.

Furniture Delivery UK
Moving Artwork and Mirrors to Your New Home Safely

1. The first and most important step is: Using the correct furniture delivery UK supplies

It is important to find the correct shipping a large item packing materials to use for keeping your artwork safe. Stock on the proper packing supplies: bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape. We suggest you use appropriately sized boxes. Van-247delivery offers various sizes of boxes, just make sure to ask our sales representatives and they will guide you through the process. If you are packing family photos that are in small frames, make sure to pack them together with others of similar sizes. Do not pack frames with different sizes in the same box. Usually, they will break during the shipping furniture UK relocation process. Once you have packed them in the box, fill in the gaps with bubble wrap, towels, or any kind of hard paper, to prevent the items from shifting.

If you are moving mirrors, they should be wrapped with bubble wrap to ensure the best possible safety for furniture transport. Always use packing paper, not any kind of newspaper, because the newspaper may leave ink on your beloved art. In addition, use packing tape, not duct tape. Packing tape is easier to peel after transportation and won’t leave any residue behind.

2. The next step is to wrap them carefully

  • Lay the artwork face-down on the packing paper. The paper should be twice the size, in order to pack the art like a present.
  • You can also use bubble wrap. Make sure to wrap the item snuggly and cover both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Seal it with tape.
  • While taping it, cover the item vertically and horizontally to ensure the paper won’t move.
  • All items should be wrapped separately, even the small pieces, just to make sure nothing rubs together and are as secure as possible.
  • Mark an ‘’X’’. If your painting or print has a glass cover. This is also important for mirrors. Take some packing tape and place an X across the glass.
  • When you are done with the packing, test how well you have prepared them for the transportation of furniture. Close the box, but do not seal it yet. Gently move the box back and forth and see if you feel anything shifting. If you do, open it again and put more padding, paper, or even more towels, and re-do this step until everything stays still.

3. Once it’s packed and ready to go, it’s time to label it

This step is important not only for the UK Furniture Delivery movers that you have hired to do the removal service but for you as well. Without labeling, you won’t be able to remember in which box is your valuable artwork or favourite mirror when unpacking. Make it very clear by labeling the box with the word ‘’FRAGILE’’ in a large clean manner on both sides of the box. You can also put the name of the room where the artwork needs to be unloaded in your new home.

4. Last, but not least: Transport furniture and artwork with care

Fragile items, especially artwork, should be placed on the furniture transport truck with care. If you are loading them by yourself, be sure to place the items on their sides and don’t wedge them between heavy objects because they can be damaged during transit. However, be careful not to wedge them between something that could bend, pierce or dent the artwork. Regarding this step, our professional teams at Van-247delivery are well-trained on how to load and unload your valuable artwork and place it well in the vehicle, in order to make sure they are safe during relocation. Once our team comes to your door, they will take great care of your fragile items. Your part of the job is to make sure everything is packed safely.

We hope that with these easy steps, we have made it easier to understand how artwork is being transported during your house move and how to prepare them for transit.

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