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Company removals, Packing Books for Shipping

Company removals, Packing Books for Shipping

Company removals, Packing Books for Shipping

Company removals, we operate in the UK! Van-247 gave good advice in the last couple of years. Do you remember in the previous blog we looked at general tips on how to pack books? When you move, through a reliable comp abroad or it’s important to pack your books when a way that it ensures their protection.

How to Pack Books for Shipping through a Removals Company?

Are you a business owner of a bookstore or just someone who regularly sells books online? Then you need to know how to properly pack a book for shipping. Proper packing guarantees that the paperback will get to the receiver intact. Returned damaged books are usually returned to the seller at their expense.

What are the most common issues when moving items? Van-247 knows. Bubble mailers are popular among online sellers, but they don’t always provide enough protection. The most common issues with books sent inside bubble mailers are the bent or folded corners of the pages as they get pressed into other items during the shipping process.

 How to Ship Books in a Bubble Mailer through a Removals Company?

 Reinforce the book corners by cutting pieces of cardboard to size.

Fold them into the right shape and secure the book corners. Make sure that the protection stays in place when slipping the book into the bubble envelope. This way, you can relax that the edges will not get folded or deformed during the shipping process.

  • Pack the book in a soft fabric before putting it in an envelope.

It’s best if the additional padding is made of cotton in case the package gets wet accidentally during shipping. Cotton or any other material that absorbs moisture well will save. The day if the package gets in contact with liquid or ends up sitting for long somewhere humid.

  • Place a piece of cardboard beneath and above the book for additional support, wrap it with tape and then put it inside the mailer.

This way, the book will get some extra resistance against pointy objects that may come into contact with the slipcover or pages and damage them.

  • Improve the durability of the bubble mailer.

You can secure your package with additional bubble wrap on the outside and tape it. Do this only if you have reasons to believe that the package will be put to the test during the shipping process.

If packing is a hard task for you, don’t worry, Van-247 Removals Company near me have you covered. Our packing services are available to anyone living in the UK, don’t hesitate to call us if you’re living in the area.

How to Ship Books in a Box?

Using a box when shipping books gives you plenty of benefits:

  • You get increased protection for the books
  • You can place multiple books inside one box, which counts as one package
  • Boxes are easier to handle and transport

Follow these simple tips to make sure that the shipping of your books in a box goes  smoothly and without the risk of having to deal with any delivery issues or complaints:

  • Pick a box of appropriate dimensions

Choose one that can fit all your books, leaving only a small gap of free space inside.

  • Pad the bottom of the box with bubble wrap and lay the first book on top.

Then, add another layer of bubble wrap and place the second book on top. Repeat this until you put the last book in the box and then finish with another layer of bubble wrap on top. This way, the book covers will be well-protected and won’t press against each other even if heavy-weight objects are placed on top of the box during transportation.

  • Remember the empty space in the box we advised you to leave?

Before sealing the box, make sure to fill the gap with soft material, such as packing paper or newspaper as an alternative. Aim at positioning the books in the centre of the box and pad out the sides with paper.

One of the best place to droop the boxes is the garage.

If you need Removal Plane you can find  in our article Office removals get your van 247 move plan here.

Was the knowledge base enough? I’m sure not. There is always room for more. So our speaker has prepared an extensive article where you can get more knowledge. House movers, why choose Van-247 delivery

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