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House moving companies, How to Pack Books?

House moving companies, How to Pack Books?

House moving companies, How to Pack Books?

House moving companies, how to pack books isn’t among the questions we often ask. However, more often than not, improperly packed books are the main reason for an accidental mess in the back of a house removals company van.

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Van-247 has covered quite a number of packing tips and advice before. Books, however, are a whole different story.

The Painful Moments of a Book Lover

For a true bibliophile, there’s nothing more flustering than ripped pages, bent spine, dog-eared corners, water damage, and leather bindings dehydration.

Unsurprisingly, moving through a house removals company can be a stressful time for book lovers. A bigger nightmare is the risk of damaging them. It’s the whole process of planning what to pack and take with you. Van-247 would love to shed some light on how to pack books for moving.

General Packing Tips:

 How to Pack Books in Boxes for a Removals Company?

 Look for strong, but not too big cardboard boxes. The smaller the box, the heavier items it can contain. Books are heavy.

  • Line the boxes with tissue or packing paper before filling them. This is a good idea if you’re packing hardback books that feature attractive slipcovers.
  • Load in your largest, heaviest books first. It makes sense, right?
  • Pack the books flat. Don’t pack your books vertically to avoid mishaps if you stack other boxes on top. Depending on the size and shape of your packing boxes for books, you should be able to fit in perhaps two separate stacks of flat-packed books.
  • Do not overfill a box. Don’t be afraid to leave a gap of an inch or so between the books and the top.
  • Fill in the gaps in the box. This will secure the books in place. You can use old newspapers, clothes, bedding or towels will do the job nicely.
  • Don’t be shy with the packing tape. You can tape the box around several times to secure its contents. Protecting the books with more tape will actually cut down on your moving costs as you will preserve the condition of the paperbacks and will not have to spend anything on restoration.
  • Don’t forget to label the boxes. It’s important to state that the box contains books, so the movers know it’s a heavy one and put it on the bottom.

Moving home or office will always be a very stressful event for anyone, not just for book lovers. Packing and moving all your stuff will take time and effort that most of us do not like to spare. But, even so, if you are on a budget, it’s better to pack everything yourself than give the task to someone else. Now, you at least know how to pack books before a move, so your precious darlings are safe and sound.

Materials You’ll Need 

  • A decent number of strong cardboard boxes. Some people will recommend that you buy your boxes new. You can easily get free high-quality removals boxes if you search in the right places. See our Van-247 House Removals Companies blog on Where to get free boxes? Look for small, sturdy ones, ideally no deeper than about 16”, with corrugated cardboard offering the best protection.
  • Lots of tapes. Brown packing tape is the best thing to keep the boxes closed. But masking tape is easier to remove and less likely to do damage should it come into contact with the book itself. So, it’s your choice.
  • Rags, newspapers, stuff that can fill empty gaps in the box.

Lacking some decent packing materials? Don’t worry, we’ve got anything you may possibly need to protect your books. Call us at Van-247 House Removals near me for packing materials and tell us what exactly you need. You’ll receive the necessary packing goods. You can also look on Amazon UK.

Packed Books Are Seriously Heavy. Get the House moving companies in!

Overfill a box of books, and you will soon find it impossible to lift. Perhaps, worse are those boxes that are merely awkward to handle. You only need to carry a few before feeling the strain on your back.

On top of the practical issues involved, there is the mental stress of disturbing your home library’s neat and organised system. Nothing quite messes that up, like having to transport the whole lot when moving house to the new property. Taking all of the above into account this is a guide on how to pack books most securely and efficiently as possible.

Was the knowledge base enough? I’m sure not. There is always room for more. So our speaker has prepared an extensive article where you can get more knowledge. House movers, why choose Van-247 delivery

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