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Courier sofa, from Measuring to Protection (Part 2)

Courier sofa, from Measuring to Protection (Part 2)

Courier Sofa, from measuring to protection

Courier sofa, are you ready to move your oddly shaped, large, and heavy sofa? Yes, moving a sofa is no easy task. It is probably one of the most problematic items to move during a house move. In this blog we, at Van-247 will focus on measuring and protecting your sofa.

How to Measure a Sofa for Moving?

Do you have a scale drawing of your new home? Then it’s time to decide where to put your sofa. Will it even fit in your new home? Here is Van-247’s recommendation on how to measure a sofa:

  • Measure the length of the sofa.
  • Measure the widest points from front to back on the sides to get the width measurement
  • Measure the diagonal width at the highest point (the lowest point of the frame at the rear of the sofa and the highest point of the armrest at the front).
  • From the back of the sofa to the front of the seat will give you the depth measurement

How to Protect with courier sofa?

To give your sofa the best protection during a home move you will need the following packing equipment:

  • Basic tool kit
  • Furniture blankets
  • Industrial shrink wrap
  • Small bags for nuts and bolts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Small boxes
  • Strong black sacks
  • Marker pen

How to Pack a Sofa for Moving?

Step 1: Dismantle as much of the sofa as you can

First, remove anything that will make it easier to move the sofa such as the cushions and legs. Wrap the components of the sofa in bubble wrap and pack in boxes or put the cushions in extra strong bags. Be sure to bag and label any fittings you remove such as nuts and bolts so that you do not lose them.

Step 2: Wrap with Blankets by courier sofa

Ideally, you should use furniture blankets to protect your sofa when moving it, but old, thick blankets or bubble wrap are also good. Pay particular attention to all the corners and parts that protrude from the main body of the sofa. You may wish to add an extra layer of protection to the arms for example with a thick layer of cardboard or an extra layer of blankets. Use industrial cling film to hold the protection in place, this will also protect your furniture should it rain on moving day.

Large furniture courier, at Van-247

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