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Moving Sofa, the best ways explained

Moving Sofa, the best ways explained

Moving Sofa, the best ways explained

Moving sofa? One of the most problematic items to move during a house move is your sofa. They are often oddly shaped, large, and heavy.  Yes, this job is no easy task. Van-247 will look at the element of how to move safely.

 Bring in the Heavies

Many hands ensure lighter work and moving a sofa is far easier with help.

Are you moving home or renovating a room? Do you need your sofa moving? It would be wise to seek help from friends. If not hiring a removal company would make the move easier.

What is your Priority?

As always when moving home, your health and safety, and the protection of your items and home, should be your priority.

What are the most common calls to removals companies in the UK? It is when people have tried to do the job themselves or have wedged it in a doorway or have no idea how to get it into the home. What would be the last thing you need on moving day? Wasting hours trying to move a single item or waiting in the rain for help to arrive.

Seek professional assistance from a removal company if you do not have any help or are unsure whether you have the strength and knowledge to physically move sofa.

Is it Worth Moving a Sofa to Your New Home?

First things first… Decide if you really want to take your sofa with you to your new home, because you need courier service large furniture  or courier sofa.

  • It could be that it is too big
  • It might be the wrong shape for the space in your new home
  • It may be getting old
  • Or simply just not the right style for your new place

In this case, it makes sense to either sell or donate it rather than go through the hardship of moving it.

Take your new home’s floor plan and measure if it would actually fit. You should not only look at the space within the room but also if it will physically fit through the doorways or along the hallways.

Pay particular attention to low ceilings, narrow doorways, or hallways. Also, check if it can be brought into your home through patio doors for example.

Have a look at our blog on how to Create a Floor Plan with Step-by-step instructions on how to easily make a floor plan for your new home. It includes tips on how to measure furniture as well as doorways and hallways.

The Van-247 Ultimate Moving Sofa Guide

In the next couple of blogs, we will explain the following:

  • How to Protect a Sofa When Moving?
  • How to Disassemble a Reclining Sofa for Moving?
  • How to move  by Yourself?
  • How to move  Through a Doorway?
  • How to Move a Sofa Down Stairs?
  • How to Move  Sofa Up Stairs?
  • How to Move a Corner Sofa?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Move a Sofa?

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