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Furniture assembly

Furniture assembly

Furniture assembly

Assembling furniture? Is it a difficult stage? Let’s turn it into a pleasure. Not many times have we encountered situations in which the package arrived containing furniture parts must be assembled. What are you doing? Are you looking for hire movers or house removals services? You can choose any of these two options. But, it involves costs.

Therefore, we, Van-247, try to explain to you what the assembly stages would be in the case of a simple piece of furniture. If the furniture is complex, for example: kitchen furniture or wall furniture in which it is also necessary to drill the walls, it is recommended to call on the services of a specialist in the field of removal company near me.

IKEA has become a paragon for furniture assembly in London. But there are many other companies that deliver furniture without assembly, such as: Tesco, Peter Jones, Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Homebase, Heals, Argos, Asda, Aspace, B&Q, Dwell, Furniture 123, Harveys and many more!

Furniture Assembly stages:

The furniture assembly stages are:

  • Look for the map in the package that shows the component parts with their dimensions and the necessary screws.
  • Separate the wooden parts according to the mentioned size.
  • Separate the screws according to the model
  • Start assembling the side parts with components mentioned in the legend
  • Mount the right and left side on the vertical stand
  • Glue the back part that supports the side parts
  • Fix the upper part that joins the sides and the back of the furniture.

If you request the Furniture assembly service from removals companies London, you must specify the moving day . Van-247 can provide both the furniture assembly service and the transport service, all over the UK. We suggest you choose safe movers.

in order to better interpret the assembly stages, I have prepared a short video to help you:


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