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How to move a hot tub?

How to move a hot tub?

How to move a hot tub?

Moving a hot tub is a complex task that requires careful planning, the right equipment, and a strong team. Whether you’re moving it to a new spot in your backyard or to a different home. Understanding the process can ensure a safe and efficient move.

Key Takeaways

  • Proper preparation is crucial for a successful hot tub move, including gathering supplies like moving straps, dollies, and plywood.
  • Disconnect, drain, and clean the hot tub thoroughly before attempting to move it to prevent damage and make it lighter for transport.
  • Plot the best path for moving the hot tub, use lifting and rolling techniques carefully, and secure the tub well during transit.
  • In difficult locations, hiring professionals may be the safest and most efficient way to move your hot tub.
  • Always consider the potential for damage and weigh the benefits of professional movers against a do-it-yourself approach.
Hot tube
Hot tube

Gearing Up for the Big Move

Gather Your Moving Arsenal

Before you even think about moving that hot tub, you’re gonna need the right gear. Make sure you’ve got moving straps, dollies, plywood sheets, and a few strong buddies on your team. It’s like going into battle, but instead of swords and shields, you’re armed with tools and determination.

Disconnect and Drain with Care

Alright, let’s talk about disconnecting and draining your hot tub. It’s not just about unplugging it and watching the water flow. You’ve got to shut off the power, detach the hoses, and let that water out slowly. Think of it as prepping your spa for a long, dry vacation.

Cleaning Out the Tub

Once it’s all dry and disconnected, give your hot tub a good scrub. You don’t want to transport all that gunk to your new place.

Getting the Hot Tub on the Move

Getting the Hot Tub on the MoveSo, you’ve managed to drain your hot tub and it’s all cleaned up and ready to go. Now comes the tricky part: how to move a hot tub? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of getting that hot tub on the move.

Plotting the Path

First things first, you got a plot your course. You don’t want to wing it with something as hefty as a hot tub. Map out the easiest route from point A to B, avoiding any obstacles that could turn your move into an obstacle course. Remember, measure twice, move once!

Lifting and Rolling Techniques

Alright, time to lift the hot tub. Gather your strongest friends because this is not a one-person job. You’ll want to lift the hot tub onto a sturdy dolly or Spa Kart for a smooth roll out. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Ensure the path is clear and the dolly is in good condition.
  • Tilt the hot tub carefully onto its side, avoiding any pressure on the control panel.
  • Slide it onto the dolly or Spa Kart, making sure it’s secure.

Securing the Tub for Transit

Once you’ve got the hot tube on the dolly, it’s time to secure it for the journey. Use straps to tie it down tight, so it doesn’t play a game of slip ‘n slide during transit. If you’re moving a hot tub across the yard, you might just need to slide those 4×4 boards underneath and wheel it to its new home. But if it’s going on a truck, make sure it’s not going anywhere with those straps.

Remember, when in doubt, don’t risk your back or the tub—call in the pros to move your hot tub safely.

Special Circumstances: When You Need More Than Muscle

Sometimes, the sheer bulk and weight of a hot tub can throw a wrench in your DIY moving plans. When you’re facing a situation that’s a bit too much for just your pals to handle, it’s time to consider some alternatives.

Considering a Crane for Challenging Locations

Remember! Hot tub can be in difficult location . Can’t do easy heavy lifting and go. Just make sure to coordinate with local authorities for any necessary permits.

The Pros of Professional Movers

Sometimes, it’s just smarter to leave it to do high quality services. Professional movers come equipped with the right tools and know-how to get your hot tub from point A to point B without a hitch. They can handle the power supply disconnections, navigate complex paths, and have the manpower to manage the weight. Here’s a quick list of why you might want to go pro:

  • They have insurance.
  • They have the experience to avoid common pitfalls.
  • They bring the muscle, so you don’t have to.

Remember, while it might cost more upfront, hiring professionals could save you from costly repairs or injuries in the long run.

Setting Up at Your New Oasis

Unloading and Positioning

Alright, you’ve made it to the new digs with your hot tub in tow! Now comes the fun part: getting it off the truck and into the perfect spot. You’ll want to do this carefully to avoid any damage to the tub or your back. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Clear the path to the final location.
  2. Use furniture dollies or a hot tub cart to roll the tub to its new home.
  3. Make sure the ground is level before setting the tub down.
  4. Gently position the tub into its designated spot.

Remember, this is going to be your new relaxation zone, so take your time to get it right!

Reconnecting and Ready to Relax

Once your hot tub is in place, it’s time to hook everything back up. Start by connecting the power and water lines, then fill ‘er up and balance the chemicals. Don’t forget to give it a good clean before you dive in for that first soak.

And just like that, you’re ready to kick back and enjoy your personal oasis. Transform your garden into a beautiful oasis with outdoor furniture, and hey, why not throw in some mood lighting to really set the vibe?

Hot Tub Moving Mishaps to Avoid

Hot Tub Moving Mishaps to Avoid
Hot Tub Moving Mishaps to Avoid



When it comes to hot tub relocation, even the most well-intentioned DIY efforts can go awry. It’s not just about muscle; it’s about smart planning and execution to avoid those face-palm moments.

Common Pitfalls in DIY Hot Tub Moving

Avoiding common mistakes can be the difference between a successful move and a hot tub horror story. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Need to understand the weight and awkwardness of the tub
  • Not securing proper moving equipment
  • Forgetting to measure doorways and paths
  • Ignoring the need for a solid team of helpers

Remember, moving appliances safely is crucial to prevent damage and injuries. It’s also essential to maintain that precious warranty.

Wrapping It Up

Alright, folks, that’s a wrap on the hot tub hustle! Remember, moving a hot tub can be like trying to wrestle a giant marshmallow . It’s bulky, awkward, and a bit slippery when wet. And hey, once it’s all set up at your new digs, you’ve earned yourself a nice, long soak.

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do I need to move a hot tub?

You’ll need moving straps, two furniture dollies, plywood pieces, cleaning supplies, and possibly heavy-duty ratchet straps. A dolly rental from a home improvement store can support up to 800 pounds.

How do i take the water out of my hot tub before moving it ?

  • Unplug the hot tub,
  • Open the drain access panel,
  • Attach a hose to the spout,
  • Open the valve,
  • Ensure the water is drained into the street or gutter..

Once drained, remove the hose and close the panel.

What’s the best way to move a hot tub to a new location?

The best method is to hire experienced hot tub movers.

Can I move a hot tub by myself?

Moving a hot tub by yourself can be very challenging.

How do I prepare a hot tub for relocation?

  • Turn off all power,
  • Disconnect from electrical and plumbing outlets,
  • Drain the water,
  • Clean the interior,
  • Let it dry,
  • Secure it with moving straps and padding for transportation.

Is it possible to move a hot tub without damaging it?

Yes, it’s possible to move a hot tub without damage by using the proper equipment and taking necessary precautions.

Need to move anything anywhere?

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