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Pallet for Shipping, all you need to know

Pallet for Shipping, all you need to know

Pallet for Shipping, all you need to know

Pallet for Shipping, shipping a pallet overseas may seem like a tedious and daunting process. After all, it is going a long way.

With the right planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be.

Van-247 would like to give you an insight into international pallet delivery, what to expect, and how to prepare the perfect pallet for your overseas delivery.

Is Pallet for Shipping Expensive to ship Overseas?

Pallet for shipping internationally is usually always more expensive than shipping domestically in the UK. There’s a lot more land and sea to travel. However, it doesn’t always have to break the bank.

Your quote will be determined by a few factors.

  • The total weight of your shipment
  • The distance between the collection and delivery point
  • The number of pallet spaces you book

The goods you’re sending also have a bearing on the price. For example, a shipment of an engine taking up one micro pallet space will cost considerably less than if you were to ship a large industrial machine that requires an oversized space. Please look at our Van-247 website for pallet transport weight and shipping.

Pallets are also, naturally, more expensive to ship than their cardboard counterparts, however, pallets offer a higher level of sturdiness than parcels don’t. They can also withstand a lot more weight than parcels. In fact, up to two tons.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Overseas?

As expected, shipping overseas will take longer than shipping inside the country, due to longer distances and customs clearance.

Customs will likely be responsible for a big chunk of the pallet for shipping delivery time.

Now that the UK is no longer a part of the European Union, all goods entering and exiting the EU must go through customs, which may cause delays, especially if your commercial invoice isn’t correct.

The method by which you ship your goods also has an effect on the delivery time. There are three main ways in which your pallets will be shipped overseas: air, boat or ferry. We’ve split boat and ferry up, as they work in different ways.

If you’re shipping your goods via boat, they will be placed in shipping containers and loaded onto a cargo ship. This method is common for long-distance shipments, such as shipping across the Atlantic Ocean to America.

Because of the slow speed of cargo ships, this method takes the longest, with shipping times ranging from 20 days to a month.

If you’re shipping via ferry, your goods will remain on the trailer while they travel overseas. This is common among shorter journeys, such as crossing the Channel, as it’s a lot quicker and cheaper.

If you’ve got no time to spare, air freight may be a good option for you, as it’s by far the fastest. While it’s more expensive, you can expect your goods to be delivered in around 2-4 days if shipped by air.

What Documents Do I Need for the Pallet for Shipping Overseas?

Now that the UK is no longer part of the EU, a commercial invoice is required to ship through customs.

What is a commercial invoice?

A commercial invoice is an export document that includes various details about your shipment, including what they are, purchase price, weight etc. Here’s a full list of what should be included:

  • Full name, address, and contact info of the seller, consignee, and buyer
  • EORI number of both the seller and buyer
  • Commercial Invoice number, date of issue, and a signature
  • Invoice number, date of issue, and Purchase Order (sales contract)
  • Price, payment method, currency, and valid discounts or additional charges – freight and insurance should be displayed separately on the invoice if you insure the goods and are paying for the freight.
  • Number of items or unit count (i.e., Square Metre of Fabric)
  • Net weight of items
  • Tariff/HS Codes and a description of the items in English
  • Statement of origin of the items
  • Actual value of the goods
  • As a commercial invoice is a legal document, it’s vital that there are no errors or misinformation.

If the thought of creating your commercial invoice sounds a little confusing, don’t worry. Here at Van-247, our dedicated Logistics Coordinators, Claudiu and Marinela are here to answer any queries you might have.

How Do I Pack My Pallet for Shipping?

Properly packing your pallet is more important than ever when it comes to shipping internationally.

Due to the longer distances your goods have to travel, they’ll likely be handled more than usual, so it’s absolutely vital that you are properly secure and packs your goods.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips on how to prepare the perfect pallet:

  • Be liberal with the wrap – using stretch wrap will act as a barrier for your goods, minimising the risk of damage from knocks or bumps.
  • Use straps if necessary – it’s really important not to rely on the weight of your goods to keep them on your pallet. We often see goods that have slipped off pallets because they weren’t secured properly.
  • Don’t forget the labels – labels are an essential part of your shipment, they’re used to tell workers where your pallet is destined and to update tracking systems, so we recommend that you put them on all 4 sides of your pallet.
  • Dodgy pallet? Don’t send it – shipping your goods on an unstable pallet is a recipe for disaster. Pallets don’t last forever, and the risk of collapse and injury is greatly increased when you send an unsuitable pallet through the network. Stuck with an old pallet?

Shipping overseas doesn’t seem all that daunting now, does it? All you need is a secure pallet and a reliable pallet delivery service.

Talking about reliable pallets for shipping delivery services, Van-247 is the UK’s most reliable pallet courier for deliveries into Europe. Fancy a quote?

 Van-247 Pallet for Shipping

Organising a pallet for shipping can be daunting in the UK, but our friendly, experienced team are here to help you. Van-247 forms part of pallet delivery companies that will ensure your goods receive our full attention and care. From the moment of pickup to the moment of delivery we have you covered. Pallet transport services can be reached via Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Is the amount of information not enough? The pallet couriers team has prepared a fabulous article with a lot of useful information: Delivery pallets, The Process

For a quotation contact us today at +44 20 8146 0100 or fill out a form at Pallet Delivery | Same day collection – Van-247 (van-247delivery.com) One of our agents will call you.

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